Skinny Fat: Why must stop envying skinny friend

Skinny Fat: 5 reasons to stop envying skinny friend
world is full of injustice.Particularly in relation to full-bodied people.Why, one wonders, some eating sweets and do not add a single drop excess fat, while others are forced to limit themselves in everything?But not all so simple.Some of these slender lucky may have extra fat or even obese.

Syndrome skinny fat, or "thick thin persons" - a slim person suffering hidden obesity, many seem far-fetched problem.

But take a look at the results of bioimpedance imaginary (or imaginary) thin persons, it is clear that people with hidden obesity really exist.

«I was shocked when my height at 165 cm and weight 57 kg doctor from the Health Centre has identified me 2 pounds of excess fat!So, went to the survey, there is nothing to say, "- said 20-year-old VitaPortalu Alain , a student of the Moscow Medical University.

District therapist advised Alain surveyed after reconfirmation of the high content of cholesterol in the blood.

«I've been eating potato chips, nuts, but I'm a vegetarian, and generally try to e

at right, - says Alain.- Notes, of course, cellulite, but felt that he appeared due to excessive sitting on the fifth point - for textbooks.Yes, and take birth control pills - is also a factor, they say.Now here I do not know what to think: I have a lot of excess fat inside, cholesterol increased by authorities.A girlfriend think I'm thin and envy.Ridiculous! »

Phantom Menace or harsh reality?

In recent years the number of people with the syndrome skinny fat significantly increased.Especially among girls from 18 to 25 years.

at risk are those who, at first, is not engaged in fitness due to strong employment at the university, and secondly, fed somehow unbalanced: instead of dinner - chocolate with drinking yogurt as a snack - a bag of salted nuts.With a fairly slim figure they've got cellulite, weak muscles.


«I do all the time, I keep to a diet.So now I sit on the pair and think: how many calories I Naela for breakfast, eating cereal with milk.Even though my weight a little lower than normal, I have a stomach and a barrel that will not win any diet - check! "- Is divided into one popular forum dedicated to diets, Tatiana , 23 years old.

characteristic feature skinny fat - belly slack in the apparent absence of excess weight - is found in many people with this syndrome.This is a fairly insidious defect.

win it can only influence the complex: a combination of fitness, well-balanced diet and beauty treatments.But bulging belly - it is only the tip of the iceberg.

In March 2010, the experts at the Mayo Medical Center examined the leading US office lifestyle of people with a normal BMI, but with high levels of fat mass (more than 23.1% - in men and more than 33.3% - women).The research results were published in the European Heart Journal.

All subjects doctors have revealed a high degree of susceptibility to metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, elevated blood pressure - hypertension in men and - women.And most of the fat accumulate just at the waist, which effectively amounts to had time to dry mouth stomach fat problem.

Why we cited the example of the study?Simply it is quite clearly demonstrates the risks of residents of cities, leading a lifestyle that can be described as "snacks at the monitor" and "of the house - to and from work - back home."

and weight in this case is not an indication that the person is not at risk of getting the disease, which is characteristic for people with obesity.

Skinny fat: Comment specialist

Natalia Mezentsev, deputy chief doctor of the medical work, the doctor-gastroenterologist clinic "Alpha - Health Center", Moscow

«The problem skinny fat has become particularly acute in recent years, when there was a largethe number of young and not so young women who dress look very slender and attractive, but the impression is radically different when these girls and women appear on the beach.We see a flabby body and the fat on the bones.

In my opinion as a gastroenterologist, the problem is the bad habits of eating.Passion for fast food alternating with rigid diets and physical activity completely wrong here gives this result.

Skinny Cow - this is not a gazelle.To become a gazelle, you should start with proper nutrition.First of all, to limit the consumption of carbohydrates and fats in the diet increase the amount of protein.Eating

small portions at least five times a day, which is among the three main meals and two additional.It is imperative to drink plenty of water and exercise.Exercise at the same time must be correctly matched. "

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