Diet for kidney disease

Diet for kidney disease
marked "Therapy table №7» in the medical record of the patient though not an official diagnosis, but says that the kidney is better not to joke.Whatever the reason for the appointment, "the seventh table", strict adherence to a diet for kidney disease is becoming a major interest and patient priority.

Diet for kidney disease: no protein, salt and alcohol

Proper diet for kidney disease helps bring the metabolism in an optimal prescribed by your doctor will be the basis in the process of recovery and strengthen the effect of medications.

Table №7 from the system of the Soviet scientist Manuel Pevsner diets prescribed to patients with chronic renal failure, nephropathy pregnant, glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome, metabolic disorders, as well as in situations where required salt-free diet.Table

№7 intended to restore water and electrolyte balance in the body, while removing the load from inflammation and kidney consumption by reducing the amount of protein, fat, salt and fluids.

diet especially when kidney disease is:

  • frequent and smaller meals - 5-6 times a day;
  • salt-free preparation of food boiled or steamed dishes with possible subsequent baking;
  • not more than 1 liter per day of free fluid;
  • rejection of a kidney irritant substances and drinks.

With all the restrictions "seventh" Diet implies a fairly high energy nutrition value, does not permit the burning of the body's own fat and protein.

Note that, other kidney disease therapeutic diet can be much milder, but patients still should limit itself to the use of salt, spices and hot spices, as well as to refuse alcoholic beverages.


Under the ban

We have already noted a serious restriction of protein intake in the diet for kidney disease.

doctor may allow the patient to diet days dishes containing not more than 20-70 grams of protein per day.Hence, the automatic ban on all products with a high protein content.

The same applies to the extractive and fatty foods are irritating to the kidneys.Total

the appointment of diet in kidney disease are prohibited:

  • fatty meats and poultry, canned foods, sausages and smoked meats;
  • fat, salted and smoked fish, caviar, and canned goods;
  • ordinary baking bread and flour products with common salt;
  • strong tea, cocoa and coffee;
  • chocolate and sweet soda;
  • mineral water with a high sodium content;
  • cheeses;
  • meat, fish and mushroom broths and sauces;
  • legumes, including broths and soups based on them;
  • garlic, onions, radishes, radish, spinach and sorrel;
  • salted, pickled and marinated vegetables and mushrooms;
  • mustard, horseradish, ketchup and sauces.

separate item in the list of restrictions are foods high in phosphorus and potassium.When you assign a table №7 give up for a while from nuts, bananas and dried fruits.

Diet for kidney disease: authorized products

acquainted with the list of authorized products, do not forget that the number and the ratio should define health professionals professionally assess the state of your health at the moment.Having abused

authorized product, the patient can apply himself no less harm than in the use of prohibited and smoked chocolate.

The diet №7 allowed:

  • lean and dietary meat (veal, turkey or rabbit);
  • vegetarian soups, except soups with legumes;
  • salt-free bread, pancakes or muffins by leaps and bounds;
  • lean boiled fish;
  • milk, cream and milk products, cheese;
  • eggs - on reduced consumption of cheese, meat and fish;
  • cereals, pasta, potatoes and vegetables in almost any culinary decision, except roasting;
  • salads, vinaigrette without pickles;
  • weak tea and coffee, fruit and vegetable juices, broth hips, compotes and jellies;
  • fruits and berries;
  • low-fat and low-calorie sweets.

diet in renal disease can brighten up a few tricks.The dishes can add the egg yolks, the same boiled fish can be baked or lightly browned.A soup can fill the sour cream or a small piece of butter.


Like any diet, table №7 has its time limit.Strict refusal of protein products should be maintained up to two weeks.The sharp and prolonged restriction in protein intake can lead to a deterioration in the patient's state of health.Do not self-medicate and do not take any protein-free and salt-free diet, not having received the approval of this treating physician.

If there is a slight impairment of renal function, it is possible to consult with your doctor on a regular basis to organize special fasting days, based on the use of fruits and berries, vegetables, juices and cereals.

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