Psychological diagnostics of impaired vision

Knowledge of regulatory periods of child development at the systematic observation of the formation of the psyche will allow time to identify the pathology of the sensory systems, including visual.

One of the first signals of impaired vision in a two-month absence of a child can be a fixation on the adult's face or a toy, and the lack of follow-visual stimulus, response to changes in the environment.

about six months in a child with visual impairment there are some symptoms of autism, it does not react to the proffered to his hands and toys, and when inserting it into the hand of subjects observed a violation of motor function, as well as the lack of fine motor hand.

When in sight of another object in the child missing orienting reflex.It almost does not show emotion.The child is afraid of space, does not itself moves around the room, even if it is constant.

Diagnostics violations

If your child has identified any breaches of the touch areas, regardless of whether it is vision or hearing, for the

effective diagnosis requires the use of objective methods.

for testing of a sensor system electroencephalography, electronic tachistoscope can be used, projection perimeter and others.

for psychological research must be adapted to the specifics of the test material impaired visual function.Is presented stimulus material must have a sufficiently large size, contrasting colors, large print, crisp and clear pictures.

for more effective organization of training necessary to diagnose blind children at least in three main areas:

  • assisting clinical and clinical care;
  • introspection, self-report, self-observation and self-control;
  • actual examination, the actual view in terms of schooling.

ophthalmologist checked visual acuity, the functioning of the central and peripheral vision.Doctor gives testimony to the use of lenses and glasses, the conclusion concerning the exercise and explains the features of psychological influence.

Personal report provides information on the child's teacher what he plans to get knowledge with the help of his vision.Stories of children can inform the teacher in more detail about the specifics of his vision.

In addition, it is important to compare the subjective evaluation of their children of those indicators that provide objective research methods of visual function, and with the current state of view, that a child can enjoy.

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