Iodine net : facts and myths

Iodine net : facts and myths
mothers often do kids iodine grid for bruises or colds, but for what - to distract from the sad thoughts and pain, or iodine really treats?It is necessary to understand the indications and contraindications to the use of iodine grid.

iodine therapy

interest to iodine as a drug appeared in the XIX century: its antiseptic properties used in the processing of injuries and wounds.But use of iodine in the form of inhalation and into negative effects appear up to necrosis of the lung tissue.

Iodine long been forgotten, and medicine returned to him in the twentieth century as an antiseptic in the form of aqueous or alcoholic solutions.This 5% -s' alcohol tincture of iodine in small brown vials each of us remembers from his childhood as a means for the treatment of minor wounds and cuts.

Today iodine tincture is widely used in medicine - they have at any pharmacy.Standing a mere penny, and applicable for external treatment of wounds or abrasions, mucous membranes.

Inside are iodine solutions can not.The

ingestion of iodine acts as a strong oxidant and causes damage to living cells.In addition, it forms a body with proteins insoluble compounds that irreversibly transforming proteins.Therefore, use iodine tincture is necessary only for its intended purpose - putting on the skin or treating wounds.

By the way, when the wound treatment to fill it with iodine-smoking - it causes severe pain and tissue necrosis.Iodine can only handle the wound edges.

an iodine treatment grids

In XX century, especially at the beginning, it became increasingly popular treatment is an iodine nets.The effect of this feature was attributed simply phenomenal, fishnet promised to cure hundred kinds of diseases.

founder of "drawing Veins" consider St. Petersburg physician I. Kolbasenko, left many scientific papers in support of the iodine therapy.

Most local doctors are iodine treatment is negative, except it effective.But among the people applying iodine grid has become one of the most popular treatments.They are used as an inexpensive and relatively simple-to-use tool for trauma, bruises, colds and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Iodine grid: Myth №1

believed that applying to the skin iodine grid helps the body fight iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency corrects without medication, gently and delicately.But modern medicine has not confirmed this fact.

Treatment of iodine deficiency fishnet inefficient: iodine is not so actively absorbed into the body through the skin to replenish stocks, and the effect is limited to local effects.

Iodine grid: Myth №2

believed that when applied to the body of iodine grid on her disappearance rate can be judged from the presence or absence of iodine deficiency: if the body suffers from a deficiency of iodine, iodine mesh disappear within 2-6 hours.When iodine saturation of the body it will take up to a day.

In fact, the scientific evidence is not confirmed this fact.The rate of disappearance of iodine from the skin due to the presence of clothing, fat skin and blood circulation in the skin.The degree of saturation of the organism with iodine or deficit is not dependent - only on properties of the skin and its degree of humidity in the area of ​​inflammation, and many other factors.

Iodine grid: In addition to the fact

antiseptic effect has iodine and locally irritant, activating blood circulation and anti-inflammatory action.These properties of iodine are widely used on the skin iodine Veins.

iodine application on the skin gives a response from the skin receptors and vascular vessels dilate, the blood circulates in the active area, resulting in the removal of metabolism products and influx of immune cells that leads to pain relief and removal of edema and inflammation.

iodine applied to the skin has no systemic effect, which makes this method of therapy safe for children and adults.Iodine grid can do for children and adults older than one year.Toddlers up to a year the skin is still very delicate, and iodine can cause burns.


This shows iodine mesh

mesh Iodine indicated in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract:

  • SARS and ARI;
  • bronchitis and sore throats;
  • obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma (in the absence of allergy to iodine!);
  • laryngitis and tracheitis.

also active iodine mesh prmenyaetsya for injuries and inflammation in the joints and ligaments, soft tissue:

  • myalgia;
  • bruises and sprains;
  • bruises in tissues, bruises;
  • damaged ligaments in the knee and ankle;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • sciatica;
  • arthritis, arthrosis.

can also be shown the use of iodine Veins neuralgia, inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the skin and subcutaneous tissue, with uncomplicated varicose veins, hemorrhoids, mastitis, lactostasis, prostate diseases.

How is iodine mesh

Iodine grid is applied with a cotton swab dipped in a 5% tincture of iodine.On the skin, draw a vertical or horizontal stripes, squares to obtain approximately 1 by 1 cm. This size makes the lines more effectively and evenly absorbed drug to render the effect.

is strictly forbidden to use iodine in:

  • hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, an excess of iodine, iodine radiotherapy;
  • in case of hypersensitivity to iodine, allergy to iodine-containing drugs.

In the absence of contraindications to get involved in an iodine fishnet too, should not - they are used no more than two or three times a week.

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