Stages of development of verbal memory of deaf children

deaf child memory development should include the formation of a meaningful memory.

development of verbal memory in deaf children through the following stages:

  • to the first characteristic of pervasive memory type, that is, there is growth memorized and reproduced material from repetition to repetition (at this stage, the child does not understand the text, it is perceived to him asset of sounds and elements);
  • for the second stage is characterized by covering the type of memory at this stage the child learns the total content and meaning of the text (it can reproduce key words and to add missing elements);
  • for the third stage is characterized by understanding and memorizing the text.

development of verbal speech and memory

Features of verbal memory of deaf children are in direct dependence on the slow formation of verbal speech.

Children understand text content, they can tell about the characters, but not able to establish a relationship between them, it impoverishes the content.

Deaf children mechanical and conscious content of the text alternates between them, that is, what is clear is remembered consciously, and the rest - mechanically.

therefore reduces the period for which information is stored, as at long intervals can only be reproduced information held deep comprehension.

During the development of speech and gaming activities memory of deaf children is improving.The key to memory formation is its child learning to memorize information for a long time.

To do this:

  • teach a child to fully understand the content of the text;
  • provide a basis for informed analysis of the text, to teach him to break first texts on offer, then into paragraphs and then into pieces;
  • offer a child to give the headers of each part of the text;
  • orient the child in the long-term storage of information.

to the success of the work can be used and involuntary memorization, presenting texts in the form of a game.

However, any efforts to improve verbal memory of deaf children will not be effective if you do not develop a child's speech.To do this, you must teach him to replace some words by others similar in meaning, recite texts in their own words.

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