Complications of knee injury

Simple bruised tibia can lead to serious complications, surgery is required to treat that.

layer of muscle and subcutaneous tissue at the front of the leg is thin enough.Upon impact, they fall between the solid object and the bone, resulting in damaged blood vessels and nerves are located in the subcutaneous tissue.

The risk of damage

shin When damaged blood vessels occurs massive subcutaneous hemorrhage.It formed a hematoma, which compresses and injure adjacent tissue.Hematoma easily infected, causing festering.

Signs of hematoma: a tense swelling of the limbs, pain and fever.If the hematoma does not resolve itself, it reveals the surgeon.

result of damage or compression of the peroneal nerve, passing close to the bone, may be a violation of the sensitivity of the two or three toes or paresis of the muscles, the extensor those fingers.

As a result of lower leg injury in the anterior-its surface where the skin and subcutaneous tissue adjacent to the bone, possibly skin necrosis and its subseque

nt rejection.

thin layer of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle does not extinguish the force of impact.Thus, when the lower leg injuries often suffers periosteum (periosteum) - a dense thin layer of connective tissue covering the bone on the outside.

role of the periosteum is very important: it intertwined tendons and ligaments.In children the periosteum - a source for bone growth in thickness, while in adults it is involved in the formation of callus in fractures.

result of injury leg bones can become detachment of the periosteum, a hemorrhage under it, abscess - an acute inflammation of the periosteum, causing necrosis and the formation of purulent abscess underneath.This is one of the most severe complications.

Symptoms of periodontitis

Redness tissues around the site of injury, their flushing (to touch the place of injury hotter than healthy skin), arching or pulsating pain, improving overall body temperature - these symptoms may indicate that as a result of damageperiosteum periostitis started.

front surface of the tibia - the most vulnerable spot for periostitis because it is vulnerable soft tissue.


growth abscess

inflammatory process develops at the site of injury, only affects the periosteum and, if not accompanied by complications subsides within two to four weeks.

In a simple periostitis observed pain, slight swelling, redness and fever in the affected area.On the periosteum can thus find small lumps and thickening.

main thing in this case, to quickly stop the inflammatory process.It is necessary to significantly reduce the burden on the injured leg.

doctor will choose the antibiotics, which accumulate in the bone tissue.Additionally prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are both anesthetic.

Complications simple periostitis

If time does not begin to treat a simple abscess, it can go in ossificans or purulent.

When periostitis ossificans as a result of chronic inflammation of the periosteum of its inner layer begins to change and grow, forming abnormal growths on the surface - osteophytes.

appearance of these bumps and protrusions disrupts the normal functioning of the muscles and tendons, resulting in pain and impaired mobility.The result may require surgical treatment.

purulent abscess develops, if the infection penetrates into the damaged periosteum.And it does not even need an open wound.The infection can get there through the bloodstream, such as abrasions.

When purulent periostitis patient sharply increases the temperature in the area of ​​the injury appears severe throbbing pain and dense painful swelling.The inner layer of the periosteum is impregnated with pus.The pus begins to accumulate between the periosteum and the bone, forming an abscess.

If time does not begin treatment, and do not drain the pus, the periosteum in this place can peel off or break, and pus - to break into the surrounding soft tissue or out through the skin.The inflammatory process can go on the bone - a process called osteoperiostitom.


complications To avoid complications, it is necessary to take seriously injury to the lower leg: a few days to significantly reduce the load on the foot, consult a doctor and strictly follow his instructions, to observe his condition and to measure the temperature.

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