It hurts to swallow : what to do

It hurts to swallow : what to do
pain when swallowing - a very common symptom, occurring in many diseases of the rotor and the nasopharynx.Usually it is a painful symptom that seriously impairs the health and reduces the quality of human life.Every morsel of food or a drink of water becomes a real challenge.

sometimes accompanied by pain when swallowing are other unpleasant symptoms - sore throat, burning sensation, dryness, cough, etc., which further indicate the cause of the pain.But sometimes there is pain when swallowing and isolation.

Why hurt to swallow

pain is often associated with the presence of inflammation in the throat, but sometimes it is also a symptom of non-inflammatory diseases.The most common causes of pain in swallowing are as follows.

  • Viral infections (SARS, influenza, etc.).

Pathogenic viruses infect tissue rotor and throat, causing local inflammation, which is accompanied by symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, scratchy and sore throat, fever, general malaise.

  • Bacterial infections

Bacteria, like viruses, can also cause similar uncomfortable symptoms, but in the case of bacterial infection, pain more often concentrated in one place, the temperature is often high, sometimes joined by general symptoms (runny nose, aching in the joints andetc.).

The most common causative agents of infection are staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus.

  • Allergy

hurts to swallow may also be in severe allergic reactions to animal fur, feathers, and pollen, household chemicals, food products.

Often this is accompanied by pain and other allergic symptoms (rash, redness of the individual parts of the body, runny nose, sore throat, etc.).

  • Foreign body

Never forget that any foreign body can cause severe inflammatory response in the place of its location, and throat mucosa is very sensitive to the smallest particles that find themselves on the surface or embedded in its surface layers.

  • Air Quality

too dry indoor air can also cause pain when swallowing, which is especially important during the heating season or hot dry summers.

In this case, devoid of the usual moisture pharyngeal mucosa is easily injured and inflamed swallowing.Similar symptoms can occur if air in the room full of dust or smoke.This is particularly dangerous in respect of construction dust.

hurts to swallow what to do

Whatever the reason that caused this symptom if it hurts to swallow, then the first thing to do - is to seek medical help.

Bacterial and viral infections in the absence of adequate treatment can be spread from the throat through the lymphatic and blood vessels in the next organs and tissues, and in the future and seriously affects large and important part of our body.

For example, in the spread of infection in the sinuses may develop sinusitis, sinusitis, etc., when the penetration of viruses or bacteria in the lungs - pneumonia (lung inflammation), kidney - pyelonephritis.

foreign body in the throat plane joining dangerous infection and develop a strong inflammatory reaction in this zone.

However, before the visit to the doctor can take some actions that can ease the pain.

  1. Do not stay in areas with dry, dusty air or wear protective equipment (respirator, mask, etc.).
  2. humidify the air and ventilate the room.This is useful for sore throat inflammatory or allergic origin, and if the cause of the pain when swallowing as air.
  3. Drink more fluids (fruit drinks, fruit drinks, tea with honey, chamomile, etc.).
  4. Flush the nasopharynx and oropharynx hypotonic saline or pharmacy, or homemade saline.
  5. with bacterial or viral inflammation often relieves antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of sprays, solutions, tablets or lozenges.
  6. If an allergic reaction the main components of the treatment will be the absence of or reduction of exposure to the allergen, as well as the use of anti-allergic agents.


When self unacceptable

often visit to the doctor is delayed for a long time due to work commitments or simply unwillingness to communicate with doctors.However, it can be dangerous.When these symptoms immediately visit specialist:

  • temperature is higher than 38.5, accompanied by symptoms of dehydration, headache and severe general state of health;
  • appearance of skin rashes of any kind;
  • appearance on the tonsils, throat plaque white or dirty yellow, gray;
  • emergence of unilateral tumors in the oropharyngeal region, often accompanied by the giving of pain in the ear, the lymph nodes and jaw;
  • pain in one or both ears;
  • common symptoms of deterioration - permanent tachycardia, severe sweating, headaches, shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, etc .;
  • fever or sore throat lasting more than a week.

Also be sure to visit the doctor as soon as possible for pregnant women or women planning pregnancy.

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