Exercise stimulates memory

Regular exercise relieve pain and improve memory in women with fibromyalgia, even without constant medication.

team of scientists from the Research Center at Georgetown University (USA) found that regular aerobic exercise reduces the excessive activity in the brain areas responsible for memory and pain.

Uolitt Brian, one of the researchers, says that by reducing the increased activity of certain areas of the brain increases its performance as a whole.Furthermore, the reduction of activity in the area of ​​pain sensitivity results in a significant relief of pain in women.

These results help explain the positive effects of regular physical activity for fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia - the disease is not rare.And although doctors often do not attach much importance to this disease, fibromyalgia can significantly reduce quality of life.

This disease mainly affects women.It manifested it common symmetrical muscle and joint pain, fatigue, fatigue and sleep problems.In addition, there are often impaired memo

ry and attention.

Physical activity improves brain performance

In this small study involved 18 women with fibromyalgia and undergoing treatment.

Prior to the study carried out tests to assess memory of women, as well as a survey to evaluate the subjective attitude of women themselves to the level of their pain.In addition, all women was conducted neuroimaging.

patsientakam then proposed to stop taking the drugs for six months, after which it was carried out repeated studies and surveys.

At the final stage of the study the women were offered for six months to engage in fitness club with a personal trainer at least three times a week.After six months of active employment carried out a final evaluation of memory, brain activity and pain.

after the drug showed a significant worsening of symptoms, increased pain, and loss of memory.However, after aerobics memory came back to the same level as prior to the study.In addition, the women noted a decrease in pain and improvement in physical and mental condition as a whole.

Neyrovizualiatsiya also showed significant changes after six months of physical activity.The researchers found a decrease in brain activity in regions of the brain responsible for pain and memory.Accordingly, the brain began to work more efficiently and spend less energy.

Scientists believe that the decrease in activity of the brain as a result of regular exercise leads to the release of resources for the assimilation of new information, and improve memory.

Further research is needed on the effect of physical activity for fibromyalgia.However, there is no doubt about the positive impact of sport on the condition of patients.

results of the study were presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience's.

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