Chills without fever : Causes

Chills without fever : Causes
There is a category of people who are constantly freezing and wrap up in warm clothes, they have a fever, but it is not marked rise in temperature.Often it happens in slim women, but chills without fever can occur in adults and healthy-looking men.Why does this phenomenon is dangerous and whether chills without fever?

What is called chills

Fever - this is a subjective sensation of cold, chill, occurs due to a sharp spasm of dermal vessels and lowering the body temperature due to frost.When there squirm chills, muscle tremors, "goose bumps."

By vasospasm into the environment is given less heat, but due to muscle tremors body creates more energy and heat.This warms the body inside and stabilizes the body temperature.Chills passes.

most common cause of a fever is an acute infectious disease with an increase in body temperature (fever).At the beginning of fever chills arises from minor skin vascular spasm, and then as the temperature rises chills disappears.

But sometimes there is shivering due to th

e cold temperature and of itself as a phenomenon or as a symptom of various diseases and pathologies and injuries.

worth remembering that chills - it is not a disease but a physiological reaction to the change of temperature and changes in metabolism, thermogenesis is the way of regulation (constancy of body temperature and heat production).Sometimes chills occur even when the excitement, stress, fatigue, low blood pressure, before or during menstruation in women during pregnancy in the first trimester.


reasons chills

main cause chills without fever is the body hypothermia and freezing.At the same time many blue lips and nails on the fingers, whitens the skin of the face and body, there is confusion and weakness, reduced temperature.

In this case, you need to drink hot tea, take a warm bath, put on warm socks and clothes to keep warm.If this does not help, it is important to call the doctors - perhaps, hypothermia proved deeper and stronger than you expected.

Chills may occur at high pressure, then he will be accompanied by weakness and headaches, chills in the chest and arms.It usually occurs in the evening, after stress, accompanied by a pronounced increase in blood pressure numbers.It is necessary to calm down, have a drink or a drug from the pressure to call an ambulance.High blood pressure is dangerous bleeding in the brain and heart attacks.

Fever can be a sign of hormonal disorders in menopause, diabetes, or problems with the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).Then the need to consult an endocrinologist and research of blood hormone levels.

Not less frequently fever occurs as a result of disorders in the digestive system - against the backdrop of nausea or abdominal pain as a result of metabolic and autonomic innervation in the stomach and intestines.

often chills without fever occurs on the background of some of the low current or chronic infections such as tuberculosis or syphilis.

One of the few, but the most frustrating causes of Raynaud's disease is a fever - unstable vegetative vasospasm hand, most often occurs when temperature changes.

Fever can be a sign of internal bleeding due to sudden circulatory disorders of the skin and spasm of small blood vessels.

Often fever occurs as a reaction to stress, strong emotion or excitement.It will help a glass of water, deep breathing and receiving sedatives.

Treat fever if

itself chills - it's just a symptom of the body's specific problems.It does not need to be treated, it is necessary to eliminate the reasons that caused it.

In order to get rid of unpleasant subjective sensations, you need to wrap myself in a blanket, take a warm bath or shower, drink a hot liquid, calm down.Prohibited reception for the purpose of warming alcohol and various drugs without consultation with your doctor.

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