How to treat pneumonia

How to treat pneumonia
Pneumonia - a very serious disease, when it infectious and inflammatory process affects the lung tissue and disrupts the normal respiratory function of the lungs, which can lead to tissue hypoxia, metabolic disorders and severe the patient's condition.Pneumonia always requires careful treatment, but now permissible treatment of pneumonia, not only in the hospital, but at home, under the strict supervision of a physician.How to treat pneumonia?

Principles of treatment of pneumonia in adults

treatment of pneumonia should be comprehensive and complete and carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician.All treatments are divided into medication and non-medication, support and symptomatic.

to medication include antibiotics, administration of drugs to influence the phlegm, coughs and fever-reducing medicine.

The second group includes physical therapy, exercise therapy and breathing exercises.

All these treatments are equally important in order to quickly and fully cure pneumonia.Therefore it

is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's instructions and do not miss any procedure, be sure to carry out breathing exercises and do not cancel before the antibiotics time, even if it is much better.

Appointment of antimicrobials for pneumonia

obligatory and essential component of the treatment of pneumonia is antibiotics.They act on the root cause of pneumonia - bacteria (sometimes prescribe anti-fungal agents with proven fungal nature or chemotherapy drugs when SARS).

Antibiotics are selected at the beginning of the disease empirically (that is, they pick up on the symptoms and the most likely pathogens, the most broad-spectrum), further treatment is adjusted according to the results of sputum crops.

previously practiced antibiotics only parenterally (in intramuscular or intravenous injection), but modern antibiotics for uncomplicated and non-severe pneumonia can be used throughout and inside.

usually used pills and capsules, suspensions, and modern drugs are used no more than once or twice a day, and they are long-term support given concentration of drug in the blood.

order to antimicrobial treatment to be effective, you must:

  • strict adherence to time and dosage of the drug;
  • the passage of a full course of treatment, even if the condition has stabilized and symptoms are gone (at least 7-14 days);
  • reception after the addition of antimicrobial agents to protect the intestinal microflora.

most commonly used antibiotics are protected penicillins, third-generation tsefalosportiny, macrolides and fluoroquinolones.

The use of antipyretics for pneumonia pneumonia

When one of the typical symptoms of a persistent fever.This is a protective reaction of the body to the introduction of pathogens.

WHO recommends that at a satisfactory condition and normal tolerance fever temperature does not knock, if it does not rise above 38,5-39,0 degrees.However, this is not an absolute recommendation, and violation of health will be an indication to receive antipyretics already at a temperature 37,5-38,0 degrees.

Paracetamol to reduce temperature in pneumonia is not very effective - it does not have an anti-inflammatory component.

preparations influence on sputum

When one of the symptoms of pneumonia may cough with copious amounts of mucopurulent or purulent sputum.To sputum did not stand in the light and does not create more favorable conditions for progressive development of microbes should be used mucolytic agents (agents for thinning phlegm), and drugs that stimulate coughing (expectorant).

It is necessary for the timely evacuation of active sputum from the lungs, the active creation of conditions for gas exchange and blood oxygenation and a speedy recovery.

drugs prescribed by a doctor for the severity of auscultation picture (that is listened in the lungs).

strictly forbidden pneumonia drugs that suppress the cough - coughing necessarily pneumonia, sputum should actively withdraw.

drugs prescribed tablets, effervescent tablets, syrups and powders, particularly popular ambroxol, acetylcysteine ​​and karbotsistein, licorice root and plantain.


Non-pharmacological therapy

In this treatment regime includes both points and proper nutrition for pneumonia and ancillary treatments.

Assign strict bed rest until the condition improved, and as the normalization of the pass to polupostelny and home mode.

Important pneumonia drink plenty of fluids - alkaline mineral water, juices, fruit drinks, tea.The food should be accepted by the appetite, light and rich in vitamins.

Excellent help as physiotherapy process subsided as SMV-therapy and the use of UHF, electrophoresis and the use of magnetic therapy, inhalation therapy.

any physiotherapy is contraindicated in fever and high pressure, tumor growth.The duration of the procedures will select a physical therapist.

actively used exercise therapy to improve the drainage function of bronchi and sputum excretion, as well as breathing exercises.Classes are conducted under the supervision of exercise therapy doctor, and then move on to support training in the home.

The use of this set of measures to quickly and fully cure pneumonia.But the patient will be monitored for some time to prevent complications and recurrence.

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