Ichthyosis : what it is

Ichthyosis : what it is
Ichthyosis (from the Greek "ichthyo» - fish) - a hereditary skin disease associated with pathological keratinization process, because of which it is covered with scales resembling fish scales.

types of ichthyosis ichthyosis have

there are many forms (over 28), it can be a symptom of another disease.The most common ordinary ichthyosis.Sometimes ichthyosis linked to X-chromosome (recessive) that affects only males, Harlequin ichthyosis (congenital), lamellar ichthyosis, ichthyosiform erythroderma, Darier's disease.

reason genes

Perpetrators ichthyosis - mutations or disorders the expression of genes coding for various forms of keratin (depending on the type of disease).The biochemical mechanism of these phenomena is still not completely deciphered.

This patient is disturbed absorption of vitamin A, reduces the function of the sweat glands, and manifestations of ichthyosis causes excessive production of keratin restructured along with the slowing rejection horny layer of the epidermis.

treatment of ichthyosis ichthyosis

can not be completely cured, but can achieve stable remission.First of all necessary vitamins A, E, B, C and niacin.They are used in the courses of ambulatory or hospital.To soften the flakes need lipotropic (with lipamidom and vitamin U).

used keratolytic agent (propylene glycol, glycerol and lactic acid) and retinoids (vitamin A and its analogs).In the case of long-term use the latest need medical control, since it is possible toxic effect on the body.

In some cases, dermatological agents is not enough.In congenital ichthyosis immediately begin hormone therapy to normalize the state, instilled into the eyes of an oil solution of retinol acetate, if there ectropion.Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the lack of thyroid function and the immune system.

to the skin did not dry or crack, patients need to constantly moisturize it.To do this, first of all, necessary with the addition of the recommended bath doctor means (potassium permanganate salts, starch, vitamin A) and moisturizers.

also used ultraviolet irradiation, heliotherapy and thalasso, spa treatment with sulfide and carbon dioxide baths, aromatic retinoids.

People with ichthyosis

  • in March 2013 in "Cosmopolitan" magazine published an article about a woman with ichthyosis ( «I feel the skin» ).The heroine - Catherine Sigitova, 33, a psychotherapist.She not only told thousands of people a rare disease, but also to prove by example that with ichthyosis can relate to life optimistically, be happy, have a baby and to help others solve their problems.
  • Hunter Steinitz (Hunter Steinitz), born 1995, USA, lives with Harlequin ichthyosis.She graduated from high school, not afraid of difficulties, learned to fight back and ridicule classmates is going to go to university.Parallel to this, she is engaged in educational activities, helping other people confronted with the disease.
  • Nelly Shaheen (Nelly Shaheen), born in 1987, the United Kingdom, - another unique example of perseverance and love of life.She tries to lead an active life, it appears in the media and support of compatriots who have the same diagnosis.

Facts about ichthyosis

  • ichthyosis - a rare disease.Most of its forms occurs in one person out of tens of thousands.Common ichthyosis ( "vulgar") - one of 250 people, according to data from the US.
  • Ichthyosis is not contagious.
  • Life expectancy with this disease is no different from the usual, except for congenital ichthyosis and some rare forms.
  • first mention of the characteristic of ichthyosis skin lesions are found in the most ancient written sources, Egypt and China, and the first reliable description of the disease in the newborn was made in 1750 a priest from South Carolina.

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