Day of rest "Together Against Stroke " : a step closer to recovery

Day of rest "Together Against Stroke " : a step closer to recovery
the first time in Russia was a rest day under the slogan "Together against stroke 'for people with stroke and their families.Organized by the Inter-regional public fund for aid to relatives of patients with stroke "Orbi".

How to help those who are in trouble, how to support those who are caring for a loved one?How to learn to live with the family seriously ill?How to find the right road rehabilitation loved ones?

Many answers can be found at this unique event.First of all the doctors.Neurologists 31 th City Hospital and Research Institute of cerebrovascular pathology and stroke GOU VPO Pirogov Russian State Medical University, nutritionists from the clinic "Weight Factor" and doctors from the School of breathing for a minute did not leave without attention to guests.More than 100 people took part in the campaign "Tell the health - yes!", Passing ckrining rapid diagnostics for the presence of risk factors.

for relatives of people who survived a stroke, and residents of the South-West of the company w

ere invited to provide everything you need to restore the sick and care for them.

company Nutricia talked about clinical nutrition and tasting;Orthopedic Salon "ORTOMODA" offers everyone to assess the quality and comfort of their clothing and footwear for special purposes;"RehabMedikal" demonstrated the capabilities of its funds and the recovery movement (designed to not only help in rehabilitation, but considerably facilitate patient care), household items, adapted for people with severe dvigalnyh functions;OTTOBOCK firm has provided orthoses recommended by neurologists and trauma to restore motor function.

special guests on our holiday were patients of the rehabilitation center for disabled people "Overcoming".His positive and irrepressible lust for life they charged all park visitors and people who have had a stroke!

How important move for those who are recovering, many know firsthand.Therefore, regardless of age and their capabilities, anyone could take part in a one-time race "Nadezhda" - in support of the fight against stroke.

special impression on all guests made technique of Nordic walking, which is demonstrated for all Nordic walking school.In such walking involved 90% of the muscle that contributes to recovery from stroke.Special Programme for recreational gymnastics, demonstrate fitness instructor Miss Sport 2012 Anna Milyaeva, will certainly help in the rehabilitation of those who suffered a stroke and their families.

In this sunny day and every guest find something for the soul: the smallest holiday guests pleased with art workshops and games store.Fans of incendiary dance of all ages participated in master classes D-fusion studio.At a charity bazaar art were exhibited homemade pastries and pictures of those who are struggling with the consequences of stroke.Take part in competitions of mobile entertainment can be had in the area Fitoguru.

final part of the festival was the launch of balloons.Each participant wrote his holiday a wish and a note attached to the balloon.Hundreds of colorful balloons with dreams and hopes soared into the beautiful autumn sky.As well, that in this day no one has divided people into healthy and sick.

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