Preventive hygiene - a pledge of healthy gums

Elena Prikule
According to statistics, more than 90% of the adult population in one degree or another are faced with gum disease.Bleeding and sore gums, mobility of teeth, bad breath - all symptoms of the inflammatory process, which requires immediate treatment.

One of the most common diseases - gingivitis.To learn how to take care of the oral cavity and on modern methods of prevention of gingivitis, read the exclusive interview with VitaPortala dentist Elena Prikule.

- Elena, for whatever reason, often there is gingivitis?

- As a rule, provokes inflammation of reasons.There are local factors of development of gingivitis, such as the low level of oral hygiene, malocclusion, poor fillings and dentures.Gingivitis may develop on the background of the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal disorders, medication.But still the main enemy of our gums - is poor hygiene.

- How to develop inflammation in gingivitis?

- on teeth formed microbial plaque.And then the toxins that are released by bacteria affect the gingival mar

gin, and it is inflamed.This is gingivitis.The first thing that begins to disturb the man - bleeding gums.At the same time at the initial stage can stop bleeding on their own without special treatment.However, over time it can lead to more severe disease - periodontitis.

- Who is more susceptible to the inflammation - adults or children?

- I can not say that there is a pronounced age predisposition.Most have their own age features of inflammation.In children, in most cases, gingivitis develops because of wrong attitudes of parents to the child's oral hygiene.For the teeth to be watched very carefully and in early childhood.

I often encounter a situation where the parents once the child has shown how to brush your teeth, and then let things drift.Naturally, a small child is not able to qualitatively to clean the teeth.In addition, there are some dangerous age periods, usually for about 10 years, when the vigilance of parents and children is reduced simply stop brush your teeth.And as a result - the strongest inflammation.

In addition, the children's diet should not dominate the soft food.It is necessary to include raw food firm fruits and vegetables - carrots, apples.When you use these products, there is a need load on the teeth and gums, and there is a mechanical self-cleaning of the plaque.

Oh and if parents notice the child has bleeding gums, trip to the dentist should take place immediately.

- How is the treatment of gingivitis?

- As a rule, patients with bleeding occurs or when it detects some other alarming processes in the mouth and gums run to the store and buy rinses, not realizing at the same time that, if you do not act on the cause of gingivitis, can rinsemouth for years, and gingivitis, meanwhile, will continue to evolve.

course, inflammation in the mouth need to show the doctor and undergo a complex treatment.In dentistry, there is such a thing - professional oral hygiene, without which no other measures will not succeed.

Use antiseptic means possible and necessary, but even the most beautiful mouthwash can not cope with stained teeth.Plaque can only be removed by mechanical means in the dental office.But then you can put in order by the gum irrigation, rinsing and special preventive means.

- Tell us about the prevention of gingivitis.

- Health and hygiene again!Of course, we can not with a good oral care completely eliminate the possibility of inflammation, because the reasons, as I have said, may be associated not only with the cleanliness of teeth.Nevertheless, regular hygiene - is a key factor.

Besides the daily cleaning of the teeth, use dental floss, very effectively with the help of irrigation irrigator.For more effective prevention need to periodically use special anti-inflammatory drugs.It is well established our domestic drug "Parodontotsid".

- It is a peculiar?

- The drug is good in that it is based on ingredients of plant origin - a sage extracts, clove, mint, which help to significantly reduce the severity of gum disease symptoms, providing an analgesic, deodorant and anti-inflammatory effect.As a result, he quickly and effectively helps with painful gums and bleeding.Sage and mint have a strong effect on the bacteria, thus allowing its application to avoid further development of the inflammatory process.

Interestingly, in the manufacture of the drug used technology, the most sparing beneficial properties of plants: There is a direct extractor extracts from plant material.Often means that the composition claimed in plant components, in fact they contain virtually no.

- Can I use it without a doctor's recommendation?

- Doctor Recommendation in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity is always necessary!But to start using "Parodontotsidom" at the first symptoms, of course, possible.All funds in this series - toothpaste, solution, spray and gel - you can buy without a prescription at the pharmacy.

I advise to spend preventive courses for two weeks.This condition is important to observe in order to not lose tissue susceptibility to the drug.

The systematic use of high-quality preventive agents can significantly reduce the risk of periodontal disease.But again, the neglect in this matter by a qualified professional is unacceptable.

can say that the key to successful treatment of gingivitis and other inflammatory processes is an integrated approach: the regular supervision of a dentist and a systematic oral hygiene with the use of modern means of effective prevention.

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