Teflon cookware : Is there a danger to health

Teflon cookware : Is there a danger to health
Teflon rules in the culinary world for over 50 years.20 years ago, scientists discovered that under strong heating non-stick Teflon coating emits toxic fumes hazardous to health.Since then began a heated debate about the effects of the polymer on the body.

Due to its versatility PTFE is widely used in various fields of human activity.However, most of this polymer is associated with the non-stick coating for cookware, and that is its purpose generates a wave of controversy about whether it is safe for health.

Properties Teflon

Open in 1930, the material, patented under the trade name Teflon, in a short time made a revolution in cookware market.It will not rust, corrode, coating it is easy to clean.

But its main quality - perfect smoothness, allowing roast and bake food without fear that they will burn.This property is Teflon allows you to cook food, almost without adding oil.

lack of sensitivity to moisture, high and low temperatures, resistance to wear over the years, have been used in the produc

tion of industrial, engineering and medical equipment, surgical implants, the manufacture of protective fabrics.

Teflon and research scientists

One of the main chemicals used in the production of Teflon and other similar non-stick coatings is perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C-8.It is around this matter and inflamed passions, when in 1981 American scientists have found that the acid liberates very toxic gas heating.

In laboratory experiments with animals treated with high doses of components Teflon coating, it was found that this substance contributes to liver cancer, low birth weight, causes problems with the immune system and the development process.PFOA accumulates in the body and in the environment and animal studies suggest an association of its level in the blood with congenital defects.

Published studies have caused a wave of lawsuits against manufacturers.Injury Compensation amount is more than 100 million dollars a year.

During the height of the scandal, several US restaurant chains completely abandoned the use of pans with Teflon coating.Thus institutions have taken care not only about customers but also about its employees, who often complained of malaise caused by the so-called polymer flu.

revealed that people who daily work with Teflon cookware, often suffer from headaches, sudden nausea and elevated temperature.Generally, these symptoms disappear within a few days after cessation of the interaction with teflon dishes.

Recommendations manufacturers

Research on the impact of Teflon body continues.Despite the existence of evidence pointing to the negative impact of non-stick coatings on body components, a ban on the use of Teflon wears is advisory in nature.

Manufacturers also do not deny the possible negative influence and advise customers to strictly follow the advice on the use of such dishes.Chief among them: You can not use a Teflon pan with scratches as Teflon surface with mechanical damages allocates tokchisnye gases several times more active.

Another key rule - you can not heat a frying pan with a teflon covering more than 360 degrees.Such temperatures can be achieved quickly, forgetting an empty pot or pan to very hot burner.This temperature is critical when it perfluorooctanoic acid begins to give off toxic fumes.

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