Timely medical examination : the culture of health

Timely medical examination : the culture of health
sudden disease can permanently knock a person from working hours, and even cause damage to his career.Doctors do not tire of repeating: most diseases are treatable if they are detected in the early stages of development.

Comprehensive annual preventive medical examination - a way to monitor your health and the time to take action in the event of problems.Many labor groups dispensary has become the norm, and for the employees of these companies is an indicator of a serious relationship not only to human health, but also to the whole business.

Standard preventive examination begins with a visit to a therapist.It measures the pressure, gives direction to the common blood and urine tests and an ECG.If a person feels well enough to make such a procedure once a year.

Key experts

addition to general analysis and test the heart, once a year is recommended to do chest X-rays and visit an ophthalmologist.

There are differing mandatory annual surveys for women and men.The fair sex after 30 years of age must

attend mammalogy, do breast ultrasound, after 40 - mammograms.After 35 years, women are encouraged to do the analysis on the abnormal cervical cells.Men should attend the annual visit to the andrologist or urologist.

In addition, every six months should be checked by a dentist, and women even at the gynecologist.

those who is at risk for hereditary diseases - at least 1-2 times a year to occur in specialized professionals.If there is any pathology medical examination frequency determined by the attending physician.

Dispensary employees

Additional clinical examination of the working population is not mandatory, but any enterprise director and the organization may apply to the Department of Health and branch fund of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) and sign a contract with medical institutions participating in the program of the national project"Health".

Conducting clinical examination carried out in accordance with the order of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation "On the order of an additional medical examination of working citizens."For an employee, such medical examination free of charge, provided that it has MHI policy.

collective medical examination includes examination by a physician, gynecologist, surgeon, neurologist, ophthalmologist.Each obseduemy also delivers the clinical and biochemical analysis of blood and urine tests, blood sugar, for tumor markers, make an electrocardiogram, chest X-rays and mammograms.

After the voluntary medical examination of each employee receives a "health passport" that records the results of examinations of medical specialists and all the studies, as well as specific recommendations for evaluation and treatment.

Inspection money

Private clinics offer their customers the opportunity to place a paid baseline medical examination.You can buy policy of voluntary health insurance (VHI), which will make it cheaper to not have to pay separately for each visit to the doctor.

For corporate clients insurance companies offer individual programs - especially for clinical examination.

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