Autumn : the aggravation of acne

Autumn : the aggravation of acne
Acne - one of the most common skin diseases, particularly among adolescents and young adults.Autumn worsening of acne is usually caused by the depletion of the skin after an active summer sun.

The basis of occurrence of acne is based on three reasons: hyperkeratosis, strengthening of the sebaceous glands and infection.

Aggravating factors are often an excess of male hormones, digestive tract diseases, hypovitaminosis and others. Not the last role is played and ultraviolet radiation.

Autumn - a dangerous time for acne patients

Many patients who suffer from acne, are looking forward to the hot summer sun.After all, the sun's rays perfectly dried pimples and sunburn naturally disguises them.In summer, the skin looks healthier and fresher than at any other time of the year.

Unfortunately, ultraviolet light is very tricky.Bringing the rapid improvement he later does everything to the autumn of acne flared up again.Over the summer, the upper layer of the skin thickens, there is hyperkeratosis, which is

one of the fundamental factors in the development of acne.

What to do to prevent the exacerbation of acne

Patients with acne should carefully look after the skin in the summer.This will help to avoid the appearance of new lesions in the autumn.

The first step is to regularly use a good sunscreen with maximum protection factor.The complete block UV rays to help prevent the development of follicular hyperkeratosis.Sunscreen preferably selected from pharmacy or professional lines, specializing in skin problems.Typically, these creams have a light non-greasy texture and contain antibacterial ingredients.

it is useful and gentle cleaning of the face, such as ultrasound or atraumatic.Make it should be about once a procedure includes light peeling, which frees the superficial layers of the skin of dead cells.

Even in midsummer can undergo mesotherapy vitamin preparations.This will not only improve the appearance of skin, but also will be the prevention of rashes in the autumn.

autumn solar activity comes to naught.This is the start of chemical peels.There are many types of this procedure, but the most commonly used variety of fruit acid and trichloroacetic acid.Depending on the depth of penetration, they are able to solve skin problems such as pigmentation, atrophic scars, large pores, rashes.

There are also peels, which are positioned as treatment for acne: almond and retinoic.In practice, after all the peeling observed the rehabilitation period, during which the skin flaking and redness is present.

For those who do not want to peel off, there is a great alternative - photorejuvenation.This hardware procedure improves complexion, removes stagnant and age spots, reduces pores, removes inflammatory elements.The current factor is the light pulse, which has a detrimental effect on bacteria, and triggers in the skin collagen synthesis and elastin.

After the procedure, there is only a slight reddening of the skin, which takes place within a few hours.Depending on the course of the apparatus may vary from 3 to 6 treatments with an interval of 7-14 days.

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