Medical tourism : where to go to be treated in the autumn

Medical tourism : where to go to be treated in the autumn
Autumn - the best time to travel.That fall, you can easily combine rest with health improvement, you just choose the best resort for treatment and rehabilitation.

Autumn period is optimal for health tourism, because at this time the flow of ordinary tourists decreases, prices for services are falling, and the weather at the resorts are still happy.

Depending on the disease doctor may advise to travel to foreign sea or mountain resort, and in the presence of chronic diseases and the elderly - to restore health within the usual climatic zone.

Velvet season in the seas

Pass recovery rate on the Black Sea coast is recommended in September and October, during the so-called velvet season.

in sanatoria of Crimea during this period successfully treat bronchopulmonary diseases and nervous disorders.

Patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, gynecological diseases can help in the clinics in Anapa.

Although the Baltic Sea is already in the autumn cold, but at this ti

me in the air marked the highest concentration of iodine, which is very useful for people with disorders of the endocrine system.Kaliningrad Oblast resorts are renowned for their therapeutic peat mud, pine forests healthy air.

Climatotherapy in Turkey, China and Cuba

therapeutic use of meteorological factors such as climate and geography, helping to restore the broken functions of various body systems.In September and October are preferred such countries as Turkey, Egypt, China, weather in which the moderately warm, and the sea is calm.November - the best time to take advantage of health care clinics in Cuba.

on the waters: the CMS, the Czech Republic, Switzerland

In the ranking of the most visited places in the autumn of medical tourism resorts in the lead-rich mineral springs.Caucasian Mineral Waters (Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk) for centuries famous for its natural water fitter, curative mud and mountain air.

Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden thermal springs attract tourists, able to cure a range of diseases of various kinds.

Golden autumn in Europe

According to statistics, aggravation of asthma most often occurs in the fall, and it was at this time doctors recommend undergoing treatment and prevention.In respiratory diseases many European specialized clinics located in the Alps, known for its clean, dry and oxygen-rich air.

sunny autumn weather in this region allows for a long time to be outdoors: make mountain walking or sports.

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