Cataracts are the main thing - not to lose time

Cataracts are the main thing - not to lose time
What determines the success of treatment of a disease?Of course, the effectiveness of techniques and medical professionalism.

But the important role played by the timely start of the fight against disease.After all, if lost precious time and the disease started, to fight it much more difficult, and the doctor and the patient.

This is the case with the most common age-related eye diseases - cataract (partial or complete clouding of the lens).

Why is it important not to delay treatment?

In the beginning, it seems that a cataract is not dangerous, because of the deterioration is slow and imperceptible.But, unfortunately, the process is irreversible, and sooner or later, the lens will lose its transparency, and the eye - the ability to see.

However, not all patients are aware of this, otherwise the credulous and ignorant people would not use dubious means manufacturers who promise to restore sight without surgery.

But medication methods of cataract treatment in official medicine does not exist, it kn

ows of any qualified doctor.Attempts to cure a cataract by receiving psevdotabletok or instillation of the drops - it's a waste of time and money.Only the timely operation - the removal of the lens and replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens - is able to prevent blindness and restore good vision.

Pearl of ophthalmology!

cataract "Excimer" professionals engaged in ophthalmic clinics for 15 years, offering patients as quickly and efficiently cope with this disease.For surgical removal of the lens is used ultrasonic phacoemulsification technology, recognized throughout the world the most effective and gentle method.

indication for surgery is the reduction of visual acuity, comfort violates the patient's life.

phacoemulsification cataract an outpatient, ie without hospitalization.The operation lasts about 15-20 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia, fast and comfortable for the patient.Struck cataract lens ultrasonically emulsified and removed, and replaced by an artificial lens is placed (IOL).

After phacoemulsification the patient sees well enough within a few hours, and the full stabilization of vision usually occurs within 2-3 weeks.High reliability and predictability of phacoemulsification technology allows you to use this method even in the treatment of very elderly patients.

Do not wait for health begins more and more to resemble itself.Put all things, take the time to the health of your eyes!

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