Gouty arthritis : what it is

Due to the change of the nature of the power of modern man doctors are more likely to occur with gouty arthritis.But it is gouty arthritis can be prevented by knowing about its features development.

Gouty arthritis - a disease of the joints that occurs in case of violation of uric acid metabolism in the body.Moreover, its crystals are deposited in the joints and tendons, kidney and other tissues, causing their inflammation and distortion of the structure.

more than 90% of cases of gout in men aged 35-60 years, and for women - after 55-60 years.

Gouty Arthritis: Causes

established that gouty arthritis is associated with metabolic disorders in the body and is used in an excess of meat food only adds to the disease, and not a direct cause of its occurrence.

Contributing factors of gouty arthritis are:

  • systematic overeating with the use of large quantities of meat,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • kidney disease, hypertension,
  • sedentary lifestyle, obesity,
  • family history,
  • taking certain medications,
  • hypothermia.

In some diseases, gout can carry a secondary character, such as congenital and acquired heart diseases, some types of leukemia, lead poisoning, taking diuretics, aspirin (for the prevention of stroke and heart attack), Riboxinum etc.

mechanism of gouty arthritis

Gout blood accumulates a large amount of uric acid and purine compounds that can be formed in excess or slow-released, can also be a combination of these two processes.

However, they are deposited in the form of crystals (urate) in the joints, tendons, kidneys.Very often, gout under the skin forming small (an average of one centimeter in diameter) nodules (also called tophi).

They are salt accumulations - urate, surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue.More often, the process affects the joints of the big toes (often only one), sometimes hands, at least - ankle, elbow, knee joints.The shoulder and hip joints in gout are rarely affected.

main manifestations of gouty arthritis

considerably swollen joints, fever over them, the skin becomes purple, the patient feels severe pain that even the slightest The Touch skin to become unbearable.At the same time fever, chills occur.

Aggravation gouty arthritis

Exacerbation of gout often occurs suddenly, often at night, and on average lasts two to seven days, sometimes it takes even without treatment.In some cases, may cause bursitis in the knee and elbow joints.

In 10% of patients after the first attack of gout can be long-term (up to 10 years or more) in remission, relapses in the remaining two - three times a year.Each time a fit of the number of joints involved in the process can be increased, and the attacks themselves are becoming more prolonged and severe.

Chronic gouty arthritis

presence of single or multiple nodules, tophi on hands, feet, and under the skin on the ears and on the back surface of the elbow indicates chronic gout, as they usually appear not earlier than 3-5 andmore years after the first gouty attack.

Sometimes, tophi are formed not only under the skin but also in the kidneys and other internal organs (it is usually detected by ultrasound, MRI).

Very often gouty arthritis combined with diabetes, hypertension, obesity.In 20-40% of patients with gout develop kidney stones over time may develop renal failure, atherosclerosis.All these diseases are mutually reinforce each other.

In some cases, an attack of kidney stones is the first manifestation of gout, which is revealed after examination of the patient about urolithiasis.

Gouty Arthritis: survey

  • CBC
  • blood chemistry (determination of C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, uric acid and other indicators)
  • urine analysis with determination of uric acid concentration
  • microscopic examination of the contents of tophi
  • radiologicalstudy of bones and joints
  • ultrasound of the abdomen and kidney, as well as joint

treatment of gouty arthritis

treatment of gouty arthritis should take place under medical supervision and periodic delivery of urine and blood tests.It should be comprehensive, usually lasts a few months, and must include:

  • in acute gout needs rest, especially the sick limbs, dry heat, hot baths, but are not recommended for hot compress;
  • diet therapy with restriction of protein in the daily diet is based 0,8-1g per kilogram of patient body weight (more on diet - see the article "Characteristics of power in gout.");
  • in remission (without exacerbation) in addition to therapeutic feeding recommended physiotherapy, physical therapy procedures, little physical work and exercise, long walks;
  • symptomatic (analgesic) therapy: a cold and needed peace of drugs doctors usually prescribe the drug colchicine or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, individually selecting each patient dosage and treatment regimen.But these drugs are more effective in the early phase of the disease, but not in a period of pronounced manifestations, so do not delay the treatment to the doctor, especially if repeated exacerbations;
  • medication, normalizing salt metabolism in the body.These drugs have no analgesic effect, they alter the chemistry of the blood and urine, so appointed by a doctor based on the results of biochemical analyzes of blood and urine;
  • prevention and / or treatment of renal lesions is performed by specially appointed physician medications, as well as the widely used herbal medicine;in some cases, effective radon and salt baths: they promote the excretion of uric acid.

Use of sauna is not shown, since it leads to a decrease in excretion of uric acid by the kidneys, and it can provoke an aggravation of gout.

Need weight control, prevention of obesity, high cholesterol, prevention of hypertension.

is not recommended during the acute intake of certain drugs (pancreatin Riboxinum, niacin, vitamin PP, aspirin, etc.).Therefore you should not self-medicate, and it is best to consult a doctor already at the first symptoms of gout.

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