What is symptomatic arthropathy

In many diseases of different nature in one degree or another in the pathological process involved joints, ligament-muscular system and bone structure.

Arthropathy - joint disease of the type of arthritis and arthrosis.Often they are just one of the symptoms of the underlying disease, flowing in other organs and systems.

diseases of the endocrine system Diabetic arthropathy usually occurs in type 2 diabetes, significantly complicating its course.It may have a different localization.

  • diabetic syndrome hands and feet with limited mobility of the joints occurs in 50% of patients with long-standing diabetes.First, the process involved interphalangeal joints, and then it spreads to the upper joints of the hands and feet up to the wrist and ankle.As manifestations of this type of arthropathy similar to rheumatoid arthritis, but, in contrast, there are no specific violations of specific immunity.
  • Diabetic osteolysis (progressive bone resorption) can develop even at low timing diabetes existence (prac
    tically at any stage) in the form of incremental osteoporosis feet metatarsophalangeal joints.It is accompanied by severe pain, often complicated fractures.
  • Diabetic periarthritis shoulder - bilateral involvement in the inflammatory process of the periarticular structures of the shoulder joint with severe morbidity and significant limitation of mobility in it.

Thyroid disorders are often accompanied by pathological changes in the large joints, osteoporosis, bursitis, edema, weakness of the ligamentous apparatus and moderately severe pain.

digestive organs diseases

Salmonella and dysentery arthritis usually develop within two to three weeks after infection, which can wear a kind of banal food poisoning.Patients concerned about severe pain and swelling in the joints, weakness, malaise.In the treatment of infectious diseases at the doctor-main disease in combination with anti-inflammatory therapy and arthritis is often completely unnoticed passes.

arthritis in ulcerative colitis often takes place against the backdrop of worsening of the underlying disease.While improving intestinal condition marked decrease in complaints of pain in the joints.If the patient has successfully carried out surgical treatment of ulcerative colitis, the arthritis can all stop worrying sick.The most commonly affected shoulder and hip joints, with the possible appearance of edema, reduction of mobility in the joints, moderately severe pain.With this type of arthropathy destructive changes in the joints is observed.

Allergic arthritis

emergence of articular syndrome in common an allergic reaction to the introduction of the allergen (serum, drug, food allergies, etc.) occurs in 20% of patients with severe allergy symptoms, the majority of them - women.Arthritis can develop immediately after the allergen enters the body, or the possible reaction and later - after 1-2 weeks.

diagnosis of allergic articular syndrome is based on several characteristics:

  • acute course of the disease;
  • clearly a correlation between the consumption of certain food (or drug) and the manifestation of allergy with joint pain;
  • rapid disappearance of symptoms and the absence of residual effects with appropriate anti-allergic treatment.

Treatment usually consists in treating the underlying disease, the abolition of the drug that caused the appearance of the articular syndrome, complete elimination of food allergens from the diet, as well as taking allergy medications (antihistamines, corticosteroids, etc.).In severe allergic reaction treatment can be performed in a hospital.Self-medication is not allowed.

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