Spondylosis when the spine loses its flexibility

Spondylosis when the spine loses its flexibility
Spondylosis leads to restriction of mobility of the spine.Early detection and treatment - the basis of future prosperous life of the patient.

Spondylosis - slow onset chronic spine disease associated with degenerative (caused by eating and metabolism in tissues) changes in the external parts of the intervertebral disc annulus fibrosus and the anterior longitudinal ligament of the spine surrounding the spinal column along its entire length.It leads to restrict the mobility of the torso or head.

How is spondylosis

longitudinal spinal ligament is very tightly linked to the anterior-lateral surfaces of vertebral bodies to grow together with their surface layer - the periosteum, and only at the level of the intervertebral discs, this ligament is fixed less tightly, exchanging through the intervertebral discs, forming a bridge.

If disturbed elasticity of intervertebral disc tissue (as is always the case with age or in injuries of the spine), reduced their height.

discs flatten and extend to the sides (

for the contours of the vertebral bodies), thereby slightly displacing longitudinal ligament of the spine, pulling her to the ground attachment to the vertebral bodies.

This results in irritation of the surface layer of the periosteum, and it begins to produce bone tissue along the adjacent longitudinal ligament - the so-formed bony beak growths - osteophytes.

Over time, these growths come together and form a bridge of bone - spondileznuyu "bracket", which records (links) which lie next to each other vertebral body, thereby limiting the movement of the motion segment.

flow spondylosis

In the initial stage of the process of spondylosis may develop in two or three vertebrae.The most common clinically it does not manifest itself - there is no pain in the back and chest, spondylosis makes "lumbago."

It is very common in people older than 50-55let (but sometimes before) spondylosis is a random finding on X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging, such as inspection of the kidneys and bladder, abdominal cavity and chest.

But as the process and extending it to more and more of the vertebrae there is a significant limitation of mobility, loss of flexibility of the spine.

Such patients typically are neither bent nor straighten or bend sideways.This not only affects the quality of life, but also serves as an additional factor that worsens the condition of the spine and the whole body.

It is known that where the reduced range of motion in the bones and joints, sooner or later begins to develop osteoporosis and weakens the ligament-muscular system.

Furthermore, on the neighboring sections of the spine, including intervertebral discs, compensatory account for a large load.

This worsens their condition, promoting the progression of degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, the appearance of instability in the spine adjacent departments spondilartroza (this process is the development of osteoarthritis in small joints of the spine), the emergence of sciatica, and enhance the appearance of pain, muscle spasms, etc.This leads to a reduction in disability and even disability.

Spondylosis in athletes

Although spondylosis is one of the signs of aging, in some cases (if inappropriate and excessive physical exertion, trauma, development of degenerative disc disease and other diseases of the spine), it can develop at an earlier age.

Very often spondileznye osteophytes occur in athletes and those engaged in heavy physical labor.This is connected not only with significant physical exertion on the spine, but also with micro-traumas disc while jumping, sudden movements, torso twists, etc.

Thanks to good muscle corset in athletes during physical activity and no clinical manifestations begin to appear only after they "go out of the sport."Therefore, they need to keep fit throughout life, not sharply throwing sports.

Recommendations spondylosis patients

In those cases, when you start to disturb the pain in one or another of the spine, in large joints, feeling of heaviness and stiffness in them, should not be tolerated, and to self-medicate.

only experts will be able to effectively remove (or greatly facilitate) pain and spasms ligament-muscular structures, restore the circulation, relieve muscle blocks and other painful, but partially reversible symptoms of the disease.

Unfortunately, many changes in bone formed, including spondileznye osteophytes, can not be reverse development.But we can slow the growth and progression of spondylosis, prevent the occurrence of complications and exacerbations of new, as well as at least partially restore the functionality of the ligament-muscular system and thereby improve the health and quality of life.

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