Children otitis

Children otitis
Inflammation of the middle ear of the child (children otitis media) - a serious problem that requires a literate approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear, a fairly common disease among children.All because of the structure of children's ear.

fact that they have a short nearly horizontal and the Eustachian tube (play between the nasopharynx and the middle ear), allowing infection to enter directly into the ear of nose.Any colds and sinusitis - a fertile ground for otitis media.

otitis Children: Risk Factors

  • artificial feeding;
  • decreased immunity;
  • sexual identity (according to statistics, otitis often suffer from boys than girls);
  • SARS, the cold season;
  • passive smoking, which leads to decreased immunity and a constant irritation of the nasal cavity;
  • genetic predisposition.

Symptoms of otitis children

Most often children otitis begins lumbago, pain and noise in the affected ear (or both at the bilateral otitis).Later it may increase body temperature

, deteriorating health and a headache.The child becomes lethargic, sleeping poorly, losing appetite.

have babies disturbed sleep and sucking (as the act of feeding causes severe pain in the ear).Kid turns his head from side to side, shouting at the patient pressing the tragus of the ear (the part of the outer ear, situated directly opposite the ear).

If otitis media is not treated, possibly purulent fusion of the eardrum and the outflow of pus from the outer ear.Further acute process may become chronic, leading to the appearance of ear pain during any cold.

Diagnostics children otitis

Diagnoses children otitis otolaryngologist on the basis of a thorough examination and inquire about the origin and development of unpleasant symptoms.Sometimes it can be taken swab of the child's ear to determine the causative agent.

Treatment of infantile otitis Otitis

- quite a serious illness.That is why it should be treated by a qualified physician.Self-medication is not allowed.

When otitis appointed antibiotics.conducting physical therapy is recommended after subacute.


Some children after suffering otitis media may be a temporary hearing loss.When this problem occurs, immediately seek otolarinogologu, as well as to warn teachers of the school and a kindergarten teacher.

If a child is to use the swimming pool of the disease, should stop training.In chronic otitis swimming lessons are not recommended.

prevention of otitis media in children

  • hardening;
  • wearing hats in cold and windy weather;
  • timely treatment of the common cold;
  • clean air in the apartment;
  • not smoke at the child.

Children otitis media - a serious disease that requires competent treatment and prevention.Self-medication and superficial attitude unacceptable.

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