Lyme borreliosis ( Lyme disease )

Vaccinations against borreliosis exists resistant fail to develop immunity.But you can prevent severe consequences, if the time to deliver a tick bite in the laboratory.

Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease, tick erythema) - a disease that is caused by the bite of ticks infected with Borrelia.Borreliosis causative agent affects the skin, joints, and nervous system.Vaccination against Lyme disease does not exist, and sustained fail to develop immunity even after illness.

Way infection borreliosis

its name Lyme disease was named after the town of Lyme in Connecticut (USA).It was first isolated pathogen - bacteria Vorrelia burgdorferi, which gave the disease a second name.The reservoir of infection are contaminated birds and mammals.Transmission of Borrelia provide ticks of the genus Ixodes - they also carry encephalitis and can transmit both diseases in one bite at a time.Borreliosis is less dangerous than a tick-borne encephalitis - a chance for a prosperous recovery have affected a lot more, but we must

bear in mind that ticks infected with Lyme disease, are far more common ticks that carry encephalitis virus.

known that Borrelia can be transmitted during pregnancy from mother to fetus.However, manifestations of Lyme disease in infants infected before birth was not recorded.

Preventing borreliosis

best way to protect against ticks - special clothing with cuffs at the wrists and ankles and regular (every 2-3 hours) inspection of each other.Discovered the tick should be carefully tie the thread, pull out without removing the head, and try to send for analysis.Maximum mite activity occurs at the end of spring and the end of summer and beginning of autumn.

If the analysis shows that the tick was infected with Borrelia, the disease can be stopped even before the first symptoms appear.To do this within 5 days after the bite of the patient are assigned certain antibiotics.Self-medication is not recommended to take - only after a positive response from the lab.


borreliosis Lyme disease incubation period is 3 to 32 days.One of the first signs - the annular redness at the site of the bite (erythema migrans annular).It gradually increases in size, the patient may experience pain and itching in the area, general weakness, headache.Increased temperature.In the absence of treatment with the 4-5th week of illness develops vomiting, light and zvukochuvstvitelnost, symptoms of the nervous system appear: parameters and tetrapareses (impaired ability normally move his arms and legs, respectively), paresis of the facial nerve (the patient loses the ability to control musclesface: speech becomes slurred, there are problems with chewing, can not close his eyes, etc.).The pathogen also affects the heart muscle and joints.The person experiences pain in the eyes - can develop iritis or iridocyclitis.

In the later stages of the disease to pain and swelling in the joints align memory disorders and speech, visual and hearing impairment, pain in the hands and feet.The skin may develop atrophic acrodermatitis in the form of blue-red spots on the extremities.The spots merge and become inflamed.The skin atrophies and becomes similar to tissue paper in place spots.
To diagnose borreliosis Borrelia be searched by PCR in the blood, skin, spinal and joint fluid.In its external manifestations of Lyme disease is similar to atopic dermatitis, tick-borne encephalitis (and it is important to ascertain the absence of TBE virus in the blood), cardiomyopathy and a variety of systemic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter's disease), etc.

Reusable Lyme borreliosis

osobennno in the fact that even high-grade disease is transferred does not give long-term sustainable immunity.Borrelia hiding in the lymph nodes of the infected person and, while there, do not allow the immune system to fully respond to the introduction of alien organisms.As a result, in areas endemic for borreliosis, local people can get sick Lyme disease more than once.

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