Methods and stages of self-massage for arthritis and arthrosis

main stages of self-massage and types of techniques used for self-massage in diseases of the joints.

self-massage procedure consists of three stages:

  • introductory stage - for 3-5 minutes fast but gentle stroking and rubbing movement preparing the body for the main stage of the massage, while in the massaged area should see a pleasant feeling of warmth;
  • the main stage are carried out in full all the procedures below;
  • final phase lasts no more than 3 minutes, finishes decelerating gentle stroking movements.

After self-massage session, if conditions permit, it is recommended to perform several passive-active movements in the joints: rotation, flexion, extension, shaking.This will contribute to a deeper elaboration of the joint elements and consolidate the results of the massage.

range of motion gradually day by day to be increased, but it should not be in joint and muscle pain.


This technique is performed with one or two hands, used at the beginning and end of the procedure, as well

as the transition from one reception to another.

main direction of movement - from the periphery to the center (towards the body) in the course of the venous and lymphatic vessels.Movements should be soft, smooth, unhurried, moving.

Stroking can be clasps, circular, spiral, planar, longitudinal and transverse, continuous and discontinuous.Usually stroking takes about half the time just self-massage session.


Rubbing ppovodyat odnoy or dvymya pykami mainly using ocnovanie ladoni, paltsy, bygop bolshogo paltsa.The pressure should be uniform, but not very strong and should shift the skin slightly.Rubbing can be circular, rectilinear, in blood flow and against it.


Kneading is carried out with both hands along the muscles with a deep study of them by pulling a small, flattened, kneading.But the pain of this should not be.This method usually provides the greatest therapeutic effect, but they can not be abused.

direction of movement of the arms can be longitudinal, transverse, and a spiraling circular.During kneading kneaded joint and limb must be stable and well fixed.


Vibration designed to transfer massaged area rhythmic oscillatory movements.

This vibration can be continuous, discontinuous, in the form of jolts, tapping.Depending on the purpose and massage area, it can be carried out one of the other methods:

  • shaking relaxed muscles (like beating a pillow).
  • Effleurage - intermittent vibration views held by the tips of the fingers slightly bent, edge of his hand, clenched fist.At the same time the muscles massaged limbs should be relaxed, but the procedure is painless and should be held with both hands (during a massage of the lower limb).For exposure to deep tissue tapping should be directed perpendicular to the skin surface, and for study of surface structures - tangentially.
  • chopped, pat, quilting, puncturing - it is often used extra percussion techniques, their duration in one area should not exceed 10, they must be combined with other techniques.

Vibration - very tedious receiving massage, so it is recommended to use a hardware vibration, special hand-held massager.

Before the course of self-massage is necessary to consult a doctor or a masseur.

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