Self-massage for arthritis and arthrosis

Features of self-massage in diseases of the joints.Conducting self-massage bath and sauna (bath).

Self-massage can be done in almost any conditions, but the full body massage is not recommended under strong fatigue.In this case, it should be limited to only a few joints or use machines for a massage.

One of the most important conditions to achieve the therapeutic effect of massage is the maximum body relaxation.It is therefore necessary during the procedure to make the most comfortable and relaxed position.

effect will be much higher if the massage is performed in a warm room, and the body is preheated bath procedures, a stay in the bath, etc.Hands before the massage should be washed thoroughly with soap and hot water.

rules of self-massage in diseases of the joints

  • Movement during a massage should not cause pain, discomfort, the skin should be no scratches, bruises, spots.
  • massage must be energetic, after the meeting in the department should be massaged feeling of warmth and relaxation.
  • At first joint area massage gently massage the peripheral parts, only then move on to the joint.
  • body during the procedure should be in a position close to the physiological (when it is balanced tone of the flexor and extensor muscles), it is especially important for lower limb position.
  • For stability in body position during self-massage is recommended to use rollers, folded blanket (for example, during a massage the knee) or extra firm support (table, a small chair, stool, etc.).
  • If there is little damage to the skin (abrasions, bruises), warts, moles, these zones during a massage should not hurt.
  • not recommended massage in the enlarged lymph nodes, seals under the skin.
  • During the massage areas of the body covered with hair, usually do not use the ointment base, and massage can be carried out through the light cotton clothes to prevent inflammation of the hair follicles.
  • As a massage oil can be used therapeutic dosage forms of oil, rubbing, as well as ready-inflammatory ointments and gels that are sold in a pharmacy.

Self-massage bath

This type of massage is carried out at a water temperature of 36-38 degrees.Can be added to water grass broths.For the self-massage in the bath, you can also use a small elastic sponges or brushes for washing hands.But the presence of abrasions on the skin, rash, and should not be carried out at a thrombophlebitis massage brushes, as it has a stimulating, tonic effect.

Massage is best done in the morning or during the day 1-2 times a week.

Self-massage bath (sauna)

Since ancient times, this method has been used as a therapeutic, restorative, not only after heavy physical labor, but to relieve emotional stress, relaxation and treatment.Steam treatments very well combined with massage and herbal medicine practitioners, but it is necessary to observe a number of common rules to such treatment brought only benefits.

  • Initially, it is recommended to warm up for 7-10 minutes in the doubles department, wet head and wash with soap when it is not necessary.It is also recommended to dry steam with a broom, holding them to a massage technique like quilting, which causes an increase in blood circulation in the skin, muscles, increases sweating, reduces the excitability of peripheral nerves.
  • During this procedure is useful to drink herbal teas, use aromatic oils.During the procedure in the usual bath concoctions of herbs, you can throw on the stove, and they zaparivat brooms.
  • Sweating in the bath should be lying down or sitting.Duration of treatment is chosen individually, but should not exceed two hours and 4-5 calls for 10 minutes.
  • Then proceed to self-massage.It should be no more than 15-20 minutes, using techniques such as stroking, kneading, clapping, shaking, effleurage carried out in a calm, slow pace.It is useful to lubricate the joints of patients with ointment specially made herbal rubbing, and then wrapped them rest for 1-2 hours.

Before the course of therapeutic bath treatment should consult with their physician.

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