Using massagers for the treatment of joints

Currently becoming increasingly popular devices specially designed for massage and self-massage - massager.

For the treatment of diseases of the joints and the spine are mainly used vibromassazhery and manual (mechanical) massager, which come in several varieties.

Modern elektromassazhery can perform various kinds of complex manipulations on individually selected program, but many stopped their price, but the cost is one-off, and massage can be a very long time.

main types of massagers:

  • mechanical (platens, rollers, etc.) and electronic (powered by battery or mains);
  • static (usually not displaced relative to the body surface, such ipplikator Kuznetsov vibromatras et al.) And dynamic (they are displaced relative to the body surface - rollers elektromassazhery etc.);
  • universal (multipurpose) and special purpose (used for a specific purpose or to massage certain areas of the body - for the feet, for the head, anti-cellulite, etc.).

For the treatment of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc diseas

e is usually used vibromassazhery and manual (mechanical) massager, which come in several varieties.

Massagers mechanical hand

Currently preferred Massagers made from natural, environmentally friendly materials (wood -. Birch, apple, cherry, etc.), but often use plastic, glass, metal.Construction of their extremely diverse.

Impact massagers of this kind of biologically active (acupuncture) points is very effective in the treatment of limb muscles and back.

Altai birch, which are made from these massagers, has a number of positive qualities, which helps normalize the metabolism, improve the body's resistance to harmful influence of the environment and to reduce inflammatory processes, if any, in the joints and muscles.

Roller massager plastic and glass

These types of hand-held massagers, depending on its design, are used to massage different parts of the body.They are easy to clean, disinfect, which allows them to be used to massage different patients, while the massager of wood must be purchased for personal use.

Massagers glass (nerolikovye)

These kinds of massagers rigid structure used for acupressure.They have a small contact area with the skin.

massager mitten

This massager is worn on the hand, as a mitten, is usually used for cosmetic purposes (for anti-cellulite massage), but it can also be successfully used to massage the joints and muscles in a warm bath.


These types of massagers (plastic, stones, with fixed elements ipplikator Kuznetsova or needle ipplikator Lyapko) used for foot massage, body surface area, have a pronounced reflex action on biologically active points of the skin surface (density of the location of smallconstituent elements determines the intensity of the impact on the skin, which is exacerbated by the pressure of body weight).


Using massagers fixed form (nerolikovyh) convenient to carry out acupressure, in addition, it requires less physical effort, it is very important for debilitated patients and the elderly, if they conduct self-massage.But it should be borne in mind that this should be clearly guided to the point of impact, and to know their location.

Acupressure is done by such methods as pressing, vibration, kneading, by acting on biologically active points.There are two main methods for precise massage:

  • Brake - it is used for stress relief, relaxation, pain relief.At the same effect on biologically active point must be continuous (60-90 seconds) and deep.Running your fingertip with the gradual deepening of its rotational motion and pause.
  • exciting - it is used to improve muscle tone, activation of motor function.In this case a short-term pressing (less than 30 seconds) and more powerful with each grinding point.

each receiving repeated 4-5 times, after each reception abruptly tear off your finger away from the skin.For one session affect 3-5 points (maximum).

Sometimes this kind of massage with elements of self-massage is used instead of the morning warm-up, as well as to relieve tension after physical activity (neck massage).

Before the course of massage treatments using massagers should consult with your doctor and / or a massage therapist, have a medical degree.

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