What is ketosis

What is ketosis
ketosis or ketoacidosis - a condition that develops from cells of carbohydrate starvation, when the body to produce energy begins to break down fat to form a large amount of ketone bodies.

appearance of ketosis as a result of evolution - one of the adaptive reactions in the absence of carbohydrates in food.

Glucose is normally the main source of energy, with its lack of alternative ways to include life support.

In order to keep the proteins, the body switches to fat metabolism.Cleavage fat synthesis in the liver ends of ketone acids that replace glucose as energy substrate.

But during prolonged fasting or metabolic disorders the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood increases dramatically, causing poisoning of the body and ketoatsidoticheskaya someone that can lead to death.

main symptoms of incipient ketoacidosis:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • characteristic smell of acetone.

When developing ketosis

There are several main reasons for the development of ketosis, often it appears in patients wit

h diabetes.

decompensation diabetes

Ketosis in diabetes is associated with a lack of insulin - glucose in the blood at the same time much (hyperglycemia), but it misses the cell.

In the body, to compensate for carbohydrate starvation starts the process of gluconeogenesis - glucose synthesis in the liver from amino acids and ketogenesis split - begins the breakdown of fat and metabolism of free fatty acids to ketone bodies.

Due to violations of all types of metabolism slows down the excretion of ketone bodies, and there comes a state of ketosis, which, if you do not enter the insulin goes into ketoatsidoticheskaya coma and death can result in the patient.

main reasons for the development of ketosis in diabetics - the wrong dosage of insulin, does not correspond to the degree of disease, violation of the schedule of injections, the introduction of an expired product, increase the patient's insulin requirements in somatic diseases or pregnancy.


atsetonemichesky syndrome develops ketoacidosis in children due to errors in the diet - in the use of excess fat or long periods of fasting, as well as in certain diseases (somatic, infectious, endocrine).It is manifested attacks of cyclic vomiting that occurs at regular intervals.

vomiting periods alternate with periods of relative prosperity when the child did not bother.Ketosis suspect the child may also be the characteristic smell of acetone and cramping pains in the abdomen.

Fasting and low-carbohydrate diets

mechanism of ketosis during starvation is lipolysis with the release of fatty acids and subsequent synthesis of ketone bodies.Prolonged fasting may lead to a transition of ketosis and ketoacidosis in intoxication.

harm long refusal of food consists in the fact that in order to use ketone bodies as an energy still need a small amount of glucose.Its body synthesizes from the amino acids in the liver, due to the resulting protein digestion.So often, people who are starving to lose weight instead of fat to lose muscle mass.

Low-carbohydrate diets are constructed on the principle that - the use of a protein substrate for the synthesis yields glucose, is used in the metabolism of ketone bodies formed of split fat.

body lose fat without losing muscle mass.But the rate of glucose below the rate of formation of ketone bodies, so they do not have time to learn and develop ketosis.

especially low-carb diets are dangerous for people with hidden metabolic disorders that do not appear in the normal power mode.They may develop metabolic acidosis in severe form.

Ketoacidosis with alcohol poisoning

Ketosis occurs when you stop drinking alcohol, manifested by vomiting and severe pain in the abdomen.

reasons alcoholic ketoacidosis few:

  • formation in the liver under the influence of alcohol substances that contribute to the synthesis of ketone bodies;
  • full or partial fasting during the binge;
  • violation removal of ketone bodies by the kidneys due to dehydration.

Ketosis refers to serious metabolic disturbances, at the first sign that you need to see a doctor.

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