Pneumonia without temperature

Pneumonia without temperature
Fever is one of the classic signs of pneumonia - pneumonia.But in some cases this dangerous disease can proceed without temperature.

lack of temperature in pneumonia is hidden course of the disease.So proceed illness in people with very weak immune response, the body which does not give a normal response to inflammation.

Therefore, if even with severe cases of lung body temperature remains normal or increases to the small quantities, the cough is not expressed - this means that the body is fighting the disease.

main symptom of latent pneumonia - severe weakness and sweating, even at light loads.

This indicates a strong poisoning the body of bacterial cells, which without containment by immune cells secrete a number of toxic substances that the excretory organs do not have time to remove them.

impact of toxins leads to disruption of the internal organs and further oppression of immunity, the body is completely ceases to infection resistance, and a person can die if you do not receive timely medical


The course of a hidden pneumonia

pneumonia without fever may be accompanied by cough.Typically, such a situation develops after a long colds, when the patient's condition has improved, no wheezing in the lungs, but it was a small cough.

Saving cough reflex after severe bronchitis may occur normally, but no more than 2 weeks.

grounds to suspect a hidden pneumonia occur if:

  • cough lasts more than 14 days;
  • small cough is accompanied by weakness, loss of appetite;
  • appear shortness of breath, pain in the lower chest, asymmetric chest movement during respiration;
  • abundant or scanty sputum;
  • at the slightest exertion goes hot and there is profuse sweating;
  • appearance of bright red blush on his face.

Pneumonia can be no temperature and no cough.This variant of the disease occurs in persons with immunodeficiency, alcoholics, very debilitated children, the elderly, people with no fixed abode, bedridden patients.

Hidden pneumonia often occurs in people who have a busy schedule of life that a lot of work and little rest, have a sedentary job, spend most of the time without movement in confined spaces with stale air, with minor ailments for a career not to take sick leave.

If such a person belongs to a group of people with a good standard of living and eats enough, his own body copes with inflammation in the lungs but the affected tissue is replaced by connective, it reduces the level of gas exchange and can cause respiratory failure.

Furthermore, such sites in the lungs increases the risk of cancer and tuberculosis.


Hidden pneumonia in children

Young children often suffer a similar form of the disease.The younger the child, the higher the risk of developing pneumonia without fever.Children with any colds need to show the doctor.

alarming sign is the emergence of the child has the following symptoms:

  • increase in sleep time, constant drowsiness, giving up favorite activities;
  • irritability, tearfulness;
  • bluish nasolabial triangle;
  • shortness of breath, wheezing;
  • appearance of sagging skin.

What to do if you suspect pneumonia

If signs of pneumonia without fever should immediately seek medical attention.

lack of medical care - a direct threat to the patient's life, especially for young children.It is necessary to take a blood test for leukocytes and ESR - inflammatory processes cause them to increase.Mandatory chest radiograph, an adult is better to pass the sputum bacteriological analysis to rule out tuberculosis.

  1. In no case do not try on their own to treat colds with antibiotics disease.Addiction to drugs bacteria leads to the appearance of atypical forms of pneumonia, which are then very difficult to cure.
  2. Do not warm up a cold chest traditional methods (banks and mustard), visit the steam room and sauna - high temperature increases the inflammation process and the causes of its spread to the lower airways.
  3. not take money, which suppress the cough center (means dry cough).By blocking the cough reflex, such drugs cause stagnation of phlegm in the lungs and the emergence of infection.Take these drugs only on the testimony and the appointment of their physician.

pneumonia without fever - a case where careful attention to your health and the health of loved ones can save a human life.

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