Heat stroke in the car : in mortal danger

Heat stroke in the car : in mortal danger
particularly at risk - children and pets.

Every summer in the news can be found the typical tragic stories.The plot is always similar.

Parents leave the child in the car and go somewhere on business.Sometimes sleeping in the car seat, so as not to wake him.Sometimes just sitting, so that parents can quickly make their case without unnecessary interference.Mom and Dad go to the store, the bank, at a business meeting.The doors are locked and the windows of the car, as well as the child, and the car was safe.

to get a serious heat stroke, in a locked metal box, and the heat is enough for 15-20 minutes, and after an hour of this visit can be irreparable consequences.

Scary examples

  • In May of 2014 in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev year-old girl died in a locked car, while their parents were shopping in the market.The child held in a locked car for several hours and died of heat stroke.
  • In June 2013 at the American Florida parents came to the funeral with children and young left in the car.The three
    -year boy spent three hours in the hot car.Arrived doctors left only state death from the effects of overheating.
  • In August 2011, Israeli Netanya driver forgot a sleeping three-year girl in the car.When a few hours later she was found, the doctors were not able to revive the child.For medical estimated temperature inside the machine at that time it has reached 80 degrees Celsius.

dangerous overheating

If heat stroke is broken mechanism of thermoregulation in the body.Mechanisms maintaining normal body temperature do not work because of the high ambient temperature.There is a sharp overheating of the body, which leads to serious disturbances in the functioning of internal organs.

Being in a locked car is many times more dangerous than finding the heat outdoors.Metal structure warms up quickly, and with an air temperature of 25-30 degrees the temperature inside a car can reach up to 70-80 degrees!

The human body can not tolerate this temperature, there is an irreversible cell death.

In addition, in a locked car comes too little air.It is dangerous and rapidly occurring dehydration.

Children thermoregulation system is less developed than in adults.Their vessels are not so quick to react to temperature changes.It is for this reason that the children will freeze in the cold, and quickly overheat in hot weather.Therefore we can not be guided by their own feelings, leaving the child in the heat: the fact that an adult may seem just uncomfortable conditions, can be a serious danger to the child.

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It should know

  • first symptoms of heat stroke may pass unnoticed.It may seem that the baby was tired, cranky, sleepy.Increased body temperature can bring to the idea of ​​colds.The fact that you are dealing with is heat stroke, prompt the following symptoms: parched skin and lips, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, arrhythmic heartbeat, severe weakness.
  • If you suspect heat stroke, you must call an ambulance.Dangerous condition develops quickly, even when you move the victim from the hot room.Only a doctor can properly evaluate the degree of risk to health and to take the necessary measures.Before arrival of the doctor find a cool place, give the child to drink, wipe the body with wet towels.
  • Unlike sunstroke, heat stroke can occur, and not in direct sunlight.The most dangerous locked room without fresh air.In no case do not leave your child in the car doors locked and windows, even if you leave for five minutes - you never know exactly what you do not delay.And it's not just about the 30-degree heat, dangerously overheat the car and it is in the child can and at 20 degrees.
  • Do not forget about pets.Like children, they thermoregulation system works differently than an adult.A cat or dog can die while in a locked car, even if the animal is left there for only 20-30 minutes.

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