Chemotherapy for cancer

Chemotherapy for cancer
man who first encountered the disease in themselves or loved ones and exploring treatments, sometimes very difficult to understand what is chemotherapy, how it treats the cancer, what are the main types of chemotherapy for cancer.It is important to know that in different types of cancer is different medications, and they are appointed by special schemes.

What is called chemotherapy

Appointment chemotherapy always causes patients a whole range of emotions - from fear to hope, but if patients do not know exactly what this method of treatment, they can, listening to wrong statements or directions "experienced", thoughtlessly abandonfrom such treatment, considering it too dangerous or useless.

to have objective information you need to know exactly what the chemotherapy of cancer and how it is conducted.

Chemotherapy is called the use of drugs of plant, synthetic, or even hormonal origin, affecting the growth and development of tumor cells or tumor cell damaging.

Today with the help of chemotherapy ac

hieved cure cancer or significant inhibition of progression in 40-50% of children, whereas 30 years ago cured or prolong the life of one of the five patients - is a very good result.

Chemotherapy for cancer treatment is one of the components, it is applicable to surgical or radiation treatment and afterwards.In some tumors, recovery is possible chemotherapy alone, with others it is significantly prolong life, with the third - only improve health.

The goal of chemotherapy in cancer

tumor cells acquire specific properties and thus escape from the control of the immune and other supervisory systems of the body.The tumors have uncontrolled growth, compress the tissue and poison them.

The goal of chemotherapy - to slow down, inhibit or completely stop the growth of tumor cells.The effect is achieved by the direct action of the drug on the tumor cells or by metabolic disorders is a tumor tissue, as well as the limitations of reproduction and tissue growth.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy does not act selectively, partially affecting not only the cancerous tissue, but also some healthy tissue.Usually affects the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, bone marrow tissue, hair growth areas.

Generally, anticancer drugs used in maximally tolerated dose possible, since they have high toxicity and side effects.

Furthermore, chemotherapy acts differently in the body and each one provides a significant improvement, and the other only the average effect.It depends also on the willingness of the patient to be treated, by his attitude, and many other factors.

How can employ chemotherapy

introduction of chemotherapy can be a variety of ways - systemically when the drug is administered intramuscularly or intravenously in drip, into tablets, subcutaneously or rectally.

In regional chemotherapy drug is administered in a vessel feeding the tumor, allowing you to concentrate the substance in tumor formation.There

and topical application of drugs for chemotherapy in the form of ointments or solutions (oral pleural or abdominal cavity).

The vast majority of chemotherapy is carried out intravenously, less is the tablet and all other methods of administration.

Intravenous administration has a greater number of advantages over the other:

  • more accurate dosing of the drug;
  • rapid entry of the drug into the blood and place of the action;
  • minor annoyance unaffected tissues;
  • a rare allergic reactions;
  • to quickly cancel the introduction of the undesired reactions occur.

But intravenous chemotherapy requires specially trained medical staff, with the introduction of inaccurate materials may be necrosis of the skin and underlying tissues.Furthermore, prolonged administration results in thickening and difficulty vein injection.



chemotherapy of the number of products as part of a course of chemotherapy can share it on:

  • monochemotherapy - this treatment is the patient one drug;
  • combination chemotherapy with a combination of two or more drugs on the course.

When chemotherapy drugs are combined simultaneously or sequentially, one after the other, sometimes combined with the introduction of hormones.

today said that the combination chemotherapy of several drugs is much more effective, given that the level of side effects when it is not much higher, and sometimes less.

chemotherapy combined often with surgery or radiation therapy to enhance the effects of treatment.It is necessary that all of the cancer cells may be more fully removed.

Chemistry can assign to the rays or surgery (to reduce exposure or cutting area) or after them to "finish off" the remaining tumor cells.

The appointment of one or another type of chemotherapy is always necessary to discuss in detail with your doctor.Do not hesitate to ask for what purpose you are prescribed chemotherapy, what drugs and what schemes will be used, whether it is possible, without preventive chemotherapy, and what will happen if it is applied or to refuse receiving it.

The most common chemotherapy is applicable as one of the main methods for common form of cancer, and its main goal is to destroy the tumor itself, its possible recurrence or metastasis.

How to assign chemotherapy

For each type of cancer and the stage of choosing the specific drugs and dosages on the basis of what kind of tumor, in which an organ or part of the body it is, what is the general condition of the patient and interoperability.

For each patient develop a chemotherapy cycle consisting in rare cases of a single drug, usually just 2-3 drugs, rarely four or more.This is because the tumor cells are often not amenable to drug alone, but they give a combination of means, some drugs reinforce their effects.

In addition, the doctor strictly paints mode of administration, dosage, and even the speed of drug administration, the intervals between the injections and the severity of toxic effects.Drugs may be administered daily, twice or three times a week, every two to three weeks.

doctor will monitor tolerability, dose selection and activity.When under-dose tolerability is good, but the tumor will be treated badly, it can continue to grow.In much higher doses may be too high a risk of fatal complications in the body, so produce an oscillating balance.

doctors will help to move the side effects and reactions relatively well, warned in advance about the possible complications, but without chemotherapy almost does not pass.

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