dog bites : what to do

dog bites : what to do
from dog bites in Russia suffered more than 150 thousand people annually.Attack people often stray animals, but can bite and pet.

The consequences are serious dog bite - often infected wounds, as in the oral cavity of the animal is full of disease-causing bacteria.Also, the chance of infection dangerous infections such as rabies (hydrophobia) and tetanus.

In the Russian Federation, the epidemiological situation on rabies is unfavorable, cases of deaths from hydrophobia are registered every year.This is due to low awareness of the population about the danger of infection and prevention measures.

primary wound treatment after being bitten

Injuries after dog bite necessarily need careful handling.In 15-20% of cases at the site of the bite develops purulent inflammation, which may result in an abscess, sepsis (blood infection), osteomyelitis, meningitis and other complications.

  1. necessary to clean the wound with a disinfectant solution, it may be a soap solution, under running water.Then treated with
    hydrogen peroxide.Do not use alcohol to wash the bite site or cologne, not to burn the damaged tissues.
  2. skin at the edges of the wound treated with iodine or brilliant green to remove bacteria from it.Samu wound these solutions do not sear, they can also cause a burn tissue.
  3. superimposed pressing aseptic bandage.
  4. If you have torn deep bleeding wounds self-treatment is not acceptable, you need to cover the wound with a sterile bandage and deliver the injured to hospital for first aid.

wound after being bitten in any case it is necessary to show the traumatologist or surgeon, as you may need additional treatment or suturing.


prevention of rabies and tetanus

for rabies prevention should apply to the trauma center at the place of residence, regardless of what kind of dog bites - home or homeless.Even grafted pet can theoretically be sick.

rabies prevention comprises administering rabies vaccine and, in some cases, rabies immunoglobulin.

Rabies immunoglobulin is administered no later than three days after contact with an animal, if the bite was struck in the head, face, neck, feet, hands, genitals, as well as deep bites pets and any damage caused by wild animals.

immunoglobulin - a ready-made antibodies to the rabies virus, and its introduction can increase the likelihood that the virus will not happen.

If after the bite takes place over three days, intravenous immunoglobulin useless, so it is important to seek medical help in the first days after the injury.

rabies vaccine is administered together with an immunoglobulin or yourself (if superficial bites).The prevention course includes a total of six vaccinations in the shoulder area (children into the outer surface of the thigh) - on the same day, at 3, 7, 14, 30 and 60th day.

In the event of a home dog bite, it should be seen by a veterinarian immediately after the incident for signs of rabies.If the initial examination found no signs of infection, the dog is placed on a ten-day quarantine, after which re-examined by a veterinarian.

If an animal is found to be healthy on the results of the two inspections, preventive vaccination course is canceled.

bites stray dogs course is usually carried out completely, as to trace the subsequent fate of the animal is rarely possible.Vaccination is effective only if started within 14 days after the bite.

To prevent tetanus treatment is administered to the victim on the day of purified tetanus toxoid in the shoulder area.

If bitten by a dog, you must remember that rabies - it is an incurable disease, with 100% fatal in case of infection.Helping someone in the development of clinical symptoms of the disease is no longer possible.The faster the victim of a dog bite will receive first aid and begin measures to prevent rabies infection, the more chances he has to save his life and health.

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