Brain tumors : types and symptoms

Brain tumors : types and symptoms
brain tumors - tumors intracranial localization, which develop due to uncontrolled cell division.

There are several classifications of brain tumors.

By origin distinguish primary (those that appear directly in the brain) and secondary (metastases of cancer to other organs).

By location types of tumors are intracerebral and extracerebral arising from the surrounding tissues (meninges, blood vessels, bones of the skull).

According to the structure of tissues isolated tumors of neuroepithelial tissue (gliomas), the shell of the tumor (meningioma), tumors of the pituitary gland, the formation of the cranial nerves and some other forms.All tumor

processes in the brain can be benign or malignant (brain cancer).Benign tumors do not grow as quickly or spread to other organs.However, sometimes they are not less dangerous than the cancers because they can compress vital structures of the brain.

Symptoms of brain tumors

Symptoms of brain tumors are divided into two groups - general and focal.

aggregate of brain symptoms are called hypertensive syndrome, because their appearance is associated with an increase in cranial pressure.

These include - headache, vomiting, dizziness, mental disorders, convulsions, changes in the fundus.

Focal symptoms appear later, are varied and depend on the location of the tumor in the brain.

tumors of the frontal lobe: symptoms

characteristic manifestations are mental disorders.Depending on the location in different parts of the frontal lobe, the patients may be inert, passive, or, conversely, overly disinhibited, aggressive.

There apraxia - a violation of purposeful movement.Patients with damage to the frontal part of the left hemisphere lose their ability to articulate speech and writing.

Neoplasms in the back of the lead to limb paresis.

tumors at the base of the frontal lobe of manifest violation of the sense of smell and reduced vision, sometimes to complete blindness.

parietal lobes Tumors: Symptoms

is sensitive disorder suffer its first complex types (sense of body position in space, a sense of things in his hands, etc.).

Patients no longer navigate the parts of his body.Violated purposeful movements.

If the tumor is in the parietal lobe of the left hemisphere, the suffering of reading, writing, numeracy, while it is stored.

temporal lobe tumors:

symptoms primarily manifested seizures.When tumors in the left temporal lobe affected speech, reading and writing skills.Perhaps ataxia.

Tumors of the occipital lobes: the symptoms

main symptom - homonymous hemianopsia, partial blindness type, in which the fall of the same name (right or left) half of the field of view.

possible distorted perception of shape, color, size, surrounding objects, or violation of their recognition.Patients often complain of flashing sparks or spots before the eyes.

cerebellar tumors:

symptoms are manifested by a complex movement disorders.Suffer purposeful movements, the patient does not feel the action of spatial movements, such as hand when trying to take an object passes on his or stops closer.It appears inability to perform rapid alternating movements.

Pituitary tumors:

symptoms due to a violation of the pituitary gland tumors are characterized by the development of hormonal disorders - acromegaly (an increase of the hands, feet, the bottom of the skull), diabetes insipidus, syndrome of Cushing's, obesity and sexual dysfunction.

Furthermore, visual disturbances occur, such as optic atrophy which leads to blindness.

late symptoms of brain tumors are distant focal symptoms - when the function of the brain are affected area or cranial nerves, located at a considerable distance from the location of the tumors.

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