It constitutes the second annual ranking of dental clinics

It constitutes the second annual ranking of the dental clinics Startsmile
popular information resource dedicated to dentistry, Startsmile together with the publishing house "Kommersant" holds the second compilation of the professional rating of dental clinics.The main purpose of its creation - an unbiased and objective identification of the leaders of the private segment of the dental industry and support actual and potential patients in the selection of the clinic.

rating Geography most wide - it covers not only the clinic two capitals, but also in other areas of dentistry.

to participate in the rating allowed private dental clinic, located on the territory of the Russian Federation, apply for free participation and gave consent to an independent professional assessment, as well as provide all necessary information.

principal difference Startsmile rating from all rating in the past and ranked lists dentistry is as follows: assessment clinics are not based on the subjective opinion of the patients and on the automatic scoring system for the presence of certain criteria, d

irectly, not indirectly affect the quality of services.

Among these criteria, a list of which was drawn up with the participation of experts dental industry, featured, for example, various parameters of operating equipment, the presence of a specific equipment, the number of experts who are responsible in some specific requirements, and more.All clinics provided information carefully and conscientiously checked.

result of joint work of experts and specialists began Startsmile two ranked lists: Rating dental clinics in Russia, operating in the market for more than three years, and ratings of dental clinics in Russia, started working less than three years ago.

the autumn of 2014 is planned to publish the results of the second annual ranking of the dental clinics in Russia, enrollment in which is already accepted in the Startsmile time Startsmile experts also decided to allocate a separate rating children's dental clinic, for their evaluation requires additional criteria.

Rating Startsmile first defined standards for assessing dental clinics in Russia, which can be successfully used for professional evaluation.This year is expected to involve a larger number of hospitals from a larger number of regions.Applications for participation in the ranking of the dental clinics are taken now to Startsmile

Apply to participate and follow the formation of the rating can here .

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