Leisure at sea : the danger of which you thought

Leisure at sea : the danger of which you thought
Summer holidays and the sea - things almost inseparable.Vouchers ordered suitcase almost assembled, and thoughts you have on vacation, somewhere on the warm beach ...

Alas, but this calm kind of vacation can be fraught with danger, which is worth knowing.After all, forewarned - is forearmed.

sand on the beach is not a sterile

wet sand of the sea - an ideal environment for the spread of fungal diseases.Ironically, but not uncommon cases of infection and helminths (especially if the beach is open, including walking the dog).

Experts strongly recommend to use beach shoes and sunbathing - laying on a towel or rug.

Sea water can be dangerous

Many believe that the salinity of the sea water ensures its safety for health.Unfortunately, it is not.

Various bacteria are able to exist in such water, and activating with an increase in its temperature.Dysentery, rotavirus infections - among the most common "resort" diseases.

First of all, should avoid swallowing the water, can not be neglected and hygiene

- shower needed after each swim.

especially careful should be women.Female body is so constituted that the bacteria that live in the sea water can easily penetrate and affect the genitals.The result - an inflammatory disease that require serious intervention.

To minimize the risk in the first place to avoid bathing in the critical days (swab can ensure the convenience, but does not guarantee the safety of health).

course, careful hygiene after swimming, in particular, on the recommendation of the gynecologist with special antibacterial agents.

Sunburn useful not all

The benefits of vitamin D is widely known.And the damage from the sun is often associated only with the ability to get a sunburn.

In fact, tanning is contraindicated in a number of diseases.Among them, cancer and benign tumors, some thyroid diseases, tuberculosis, varicose veins, retinal disease, some forms of psoriasis, the presence on the body of a large number of moles and birthmarks and others.

This list is not exhaustive, so if you have some kind of chronic disease, consult your doctor whether you can sunbathe.

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Swimmer's ear

¬ęswimmer's ear" is called otitis externa (inflammation of the outer ear).This is a very painful condition occurs after swimming in the water if it enters the ear of contaminated water.

first symptoms usually appear within a few days.The highest risk of the disease at the big difference temperatures of air and water, as well as the presence of lesions in the ear canal (for example, after a very intensive cleaning of the ear).

To avoid illness, try to bathing water does not get into your ears.When diving, you can use special waterproof earplugs.

burns from jellyfish

Jellyfish are found in most of the seas, they burn dangerous not only in itself, as a possible allergic reaction.And for a person dangerous not only living jellyfish tentacles but separated from jellyfish.

The victim appears severe pain at the site of contact with the skin.Often there is fever, cough, rash, shortness of breath, nausea.Resting on the sea, where there are jellyfish, good to know first aid techniques for the occasion.

trouble can deliver and other marine life - sea urchins, starfish, and even corals.

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