Operation sex change : a new reality

Operation sex change : a new reality
sex-change operation - the only way to eliminate the disparity of human sexual identity of his genetic sex.

people who consider themselves to be the opposite sex are called transsexual.There are male and female transsexualism.

Men often become women than vice versa.This is due to the fact that the operation of changing a male-to-female easier and more affordable.

According to statistics, in Russia many people who feel uncomfortable in my body.However, each year across the country carried out no more than 1000 sex reassignment operations.

enough for the operation of the decision of the patient, you must first obtain permission of the medical commission.Change sexual identity can only be 21 years old.

How to change the floor in Russia

to change their sex in Russia, you must go through several stages.

  1. to be registered in a psychiatric clinic and observed at the psychiatrist for about two years - transsexualism is considered a mental disorder and is included in the WHO International Classification
    of Diseases.The patient also tested the general state of the organism and genetic testing.
  2. After this period you need to pass a medical examination, during which the patient is evaluated psychiatrist, psychologist and sexologist.Medical Commission must make a diagnosis "transsexualism".Without reference to a confirmed diagnosis of any surgeon will do a sex change operation.Often, to get help from the patient needed a year to live as the opposite sex, to confirm adequate social adaptation.The operation did not make homosexuals.
  3. before surgery is carried hormone therapy.The duration of treatment is about a year, always under the supervision of a specialist.Under the influence of hormones the patient acquires the secondary sexual characteristics of the opposite sex.Hormone therapy continues throughout life as their own sex glands in a patient will be removed.
  4. Surgery.Formally conducting sex change surgery in our country is free, but in reality it will cost about half a million rubles.It is also expensive and hormone therapy.The operation is carried out in several stages, it may include not only changes in the genital organs, and related interventions (plastic chest, face, Adam's apple, etc.).

The final step is the conversion of the legal change of sex - the replacement of all the documents, starting with the birth certificate.

After surgery required long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation.Contraindicated such intervention the elderly, patients with serious illnesses, and persons suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Photo: Thai transsexuals in Bangkok

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Operation sex reassignment abroad

for sex reassignment surgeries are performed in Europe and the United States, starting with the 60-ies of XX century.In the US, up to 500 people each year change their sex.

leader among states in the number of such interventions is Thailand.In this country, in plastic surgery sex change to invest more financial resources to build a modern clinic, used only the latest equipment, the best experts from around the world.

The cost of the intervention is much lower than in European or American hospitals.This allows the country to earn a conducting sex-change operations - this is one of the popular destinations of medical tourism in Thailand.

second place Muslim state of Iran.Here, since 1979, allowed to change the floor.The most frequent surgical clients are homosexuals in Iran, as the sharia forbids cohabitation of people of the same sex under the threat of the death penalty.

state pays half the cost of the operation to people who can not pay for it yourself.In addition, transsexuals given credit for the development of their own business due to problems with employment.

Residents of some countries in Latin America can change sex for free, standing in a queue for treatment.

sex-change operation is irreversible, restored after the body can not be in the same condition.That is why the procedure for obtaining a permit for the operation so long.

Rarely, but it happens that the desire to become a person of the opposite sex due to a mental disorder.After changing the sexual organs, such patients may be depressed and try to regain the original floor.

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