Stomach flu : autumn exacerbation in children

Stomach flu : autumn exacerbation in children
Stomach flu - a serious viral disease that does not have a pronounced seasonality, but often is epidemic in the early fall and spreads rapidly in children's groups.

rotaviruses cause gastric flu that entering the human body, to penetrate the mucosal cells of the gastrointestinal tract and cause disruption of the synthesis of digestive enzymes.

Rotavirus is sufficiently resistant to the effects of low temperature and a long time may be in the water, and then getting into the food.In addition, the stomach flu is transferred through airborne droplets that contributes to its spread.

Flu symptoms intestinal form

disease has a cyclical flow.The incubation period is from one to three days, there is a general weakness and malaise.The clinical picture of the disease there is a combination of symptoms of gastroenteritis and respiratory manifestations:

  • pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting;
  • frequent stools, diarrhea;
  • sudden fever, chills;
  • sore throat, cough, congestion of the posterior pharyngeal

In severe disease possible general intoxication, accompanied by weakness, headache, dizziness and in some cases, fainting.

stomach flu treatment

gastric flu Treatment is symptomatic and is aimed at facilitating the patient's general condition.

In the acute period is necessary enzyme preparations and reception of absorbent, such as activated carbon.To make up for the loss of fluid is shown drinking plenty of water with the addition of a salt solution.

Besides symptomatic treatment must be strict adherence to the diet, a daily menu which should include dairy products, cereals, omelettes and vegetables, steamed.We do not recommend the use of fatty meats and fish, bakery and confectionery, tea, coffee and carbonated beverages.

gastric flu prevention

Prevention of gastric flu includes a standard set of sanitary procedures to prevent getting an infection in the body and its further spread:

  • personal hygiene (washing hands regularly throughout the day and before eating);
  • eating quality food, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables;
  • isolation of patients and the prevention of contact with people who have symptoms of the disease.

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