Bleeding gums : what to do

Bleeding gums : what to do
you suddenly notice that you have a bad breath, receiving a favorite food accompanied by painful sensations, and while cleaning teeth emerged bleeding gums.All of these can be signs of dental disease such as gingivitis.

What is gingivitis

Gingivitis (gum inflammation) caused by the adverse effects of local and general factors occurs without compromising the integrity of the periodontal attachment, and changes in general health status.

Gingivitis is one of the most common dental diseases (observed in more than 80% of the adult population).

Why and how there is bleeding gums

Poor oral hygiene, abundant plaque, tartar, malocclusion, lack of dental health, substandard fillings, mouth breathing, hormonal changes (pregnancy, adolescence) pose a high risk of developing gingivitis.There are symptoms such as redness, swelling due to edema, increased sensitivity, tenderness and vulnerability of the gums and, as a consequence, her bleeding.

to prevent the development of gingivitis and reduce the risk of i

ts transition to a more severe form is required above all a thorough hygienic oral care:

  • regular cleaning of the teeth at least twice a day for three minutes;
  • use mouthwash / mouth rinse;
  • regularly (at least once a day) using dental floss (floss);
  • removing plaque from the tongue back using special tools (scrapers or brushes to clean the tongue).

Particular attention should be paid to gingivitis right choice of toothpaste, which should have antiplaque and anti-inflammatory effect at the same time.

antiseptic ingredients (vegetable or synthetic), herbal extracts, enzymes, mineral salts and complexes, included in it should be non-irritating, and gipoallergennymii most active.An example of such a paste can be considered R. O. C. S. Bionica , modern formulation which contains the active plant fractions in high concentrations, providing anti-inflammatory, decongestant and anesthetic effect.

In order to prevent the development of gingivitis is necessary to pay attention to diet:

  • use in rigid food products requiring active mastication, as it improves self-cleaning of the oral cavity stimulating saliva production and improves blood circulation in the gums;
  • minimize the consumption of foods containing carbohydrate (farinaceous products and confectionery), since they promote active proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, as a nutrient for them.

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