Cardiac dyspnea : what to do

Cardiac dyspnea : what to do
Shortness of breath (dyspnea) - a violation of the frequency and depth of breathing, accompanied by a sense of lack of air, the main feature and the primary symptom that indicates the occurrence of heart failure.

In heart failure, blood flow in the vessels of the lungs is slowed down, some of the liquid penetrates through the walls of blood vessels in the lung bubbles.As a result, the ability to easily saturate the blood with oxygen is reduced and difficult breath.In response to the lack of oxygen in the blood quickens breathing.

When there is shortness of breath

most often manifested dyspnea in heart disease, provoking considerable stagnation of blood in the pulmonary veins: heart failure, heart defects, disease of the myocardium.

Initially, shortness of breath occurs only during exercise, then the patient begins to suffer from attacks of breathlessness at rest, especially in the horizontal position.

If breathing difficulty for heart disease occurs abruptly, such attacks may be a symptom of card

iac asthma.Asthma may be accompanied by pulmonary edema or place without him.In case of lack of edema with dyspnea only difficult breath.

What to do when cardiac dyspnea

  • The first step is to call a doctor or ambulance.
  • Ensure supply of fresh air into the room (open window, door).
  • seated patient with downcast feet (can be in warm water).
  • Limit physical activity of the patient, most often shortness of breath decreases if the patient is in a sitting position, it is possible to put the headrest or more pillows under your back.
  • help free the patient from the dense, hindering the body than raiment.
  • If the victim shows signs of anxiety and fear, it is possible to give soothing tincture - Valerian or Leonurus.
  • is important to create a complete physical and mental rest and distract the patient from his state, switching his attention to something else.
  • If shortness of breath is caused by difficulty expectoration of sputum, can be given any expectorant.

Medical care

If signs of cardiac dyspnea patient needed immediate medical attention, as this condition is a threat to the life of the patient.

main cause of breathlessness in many cases is hypoxia and hypoxemia (low oxygen content in the body), so one of the ways to reduce shortness of breath is oxygen therapy.

Because of the variety of mechanisms that form the heart shortness of breath, her treatment should be comprehensive, including heart medications, diuretics.In chronic or recurrent shortness of breath associated with heart failure, it is necessary to choose the maintenance therapy providing the patient injury.

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