Every fifth Russian in one way or another is faced with dementia

the eve of the World Day against Alzheimer's disease in the RIA Novosti press conference dedicated to the problems of dementia.

order to draw public attention to the symptoms of dementia, the company "Merz Pharma" and the creative agency AnyBodyHome, which is part of the communication group the MOVIE, developed SOS social project.

deterioration of competency, reduced social activity, a weakening of interest in the outside world, forgetfulness, carelessness, loss of skills and personal hygiene skills to use modern instruments (telephone, TV remote control) - all of which can be symptoms of dementia.

problem of dementia in different countries decided differently.In some European countries, for example, exists or is in the process of developing national program to support dementia patients and early diagnosis of dementia.The first country in which there was such a program, became France since 2001, problems related to dementia patients, are solved at the state level.

Basically in developed countries 5

0% of the financial burden for dementia patients lie to family members, and the remaining half - in the service of social and health care system.

In Russia, the main burden falls on the patient's relatives.

«Yes, it is possible to provide financial support to improve the living conditions in a nursing home or to create day care centers for dementia patients at the state level.This is all very important and necessary.But older people's culture not only to instill public decisions.It must begin with us - from how we relate to our parents, to our elderly relatives, what example would be before the eyes of our children.Social company, which we present is called SOS.It shows which signals can be sent to us by our family members, often hiding behind the words: "Do not worry, I'm fine", - says Olga Avdoshina, CEO of the company "Merz Pharma".

The social program includes a joint CG MOVIE creating videos about the symptoms of dementia, as well as online banner ads and layouts of outdoor advertising.

By Catherine Selyavina said CG President the MOVIE, the project does not make financial profit companies.

Starting from 17 September 2012 until the end of the month social SOS campaign will be seen on the air "Route-TV" on plasma screens of the capital, on the boards of the outdoor advertising and a number of internet portals, which are absolutely free of charge supported the idea.

Despite the fact that large-scale research on dementia in Russia has never conducted, according to various estimates, the country is home to about 1.8 million. People with this disease.Of these, more than 700 thousand. Have moderate to severe dementia and in need of constant care.

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