How to protect yourself and your family during a flu epidemic

How to protect yourself and your family during a flu epidemic
's already autumn, and that means that come the season of colds and flu.Few people know, but the gauze bandage on face - the most simple and proven means to protect themselves and their families from various diseases transmitted by airborne droplets.

when they announced the official start of the flu epidemic, the shelves of pharmacies may disappear last gauze bandages on the face.

gauze bandages on the face can be done independently :

1. Take medical bandage (14 cm), scissors and a needle and thread.

2. Measure the length of the bandage from ear to ear, fold in several layers of the same length, and then cut.The dressing is better to make 2-4 layers.The more layers, the better the mask will protect you and your loved ones.In the middle of the bandage can be laid a layer of cotton wool.The edges neatly obsheyte.

3. Next, make ties for gauze bandage.Cut about 25-30 cm of bandage, cut lengthwise into two parts and then fold each piece in half and sew too.
4. The resulting 4 sew straps on the si
des of the dressing.Instead, the ties of the bandage can use rubber bands that you can sew along the edges of the dressing and secure the ears.

A sick man, wearing a bandage, be able to protect the people around them from their pathogenic bacteria.Also bandage to protect the respiratory system from dust and allergens (pet dander, pollen).If moisten bandage in water and then the smoke.

Besides multilayer bandage own making cost-effective - they can be used repeatedly at least 10 times.It is enough to wash bandage dry and iron hot iron.

However, if you do not have the possibility and desire to sew gauze bandages on the face with your hands, you can buy them on the network Orange Tree stores, which presents 2 types of gauze bandages:

«FLYUOFF » ( «Fluoff») - sanitary-gigienicheskie four-layer bandage reusable three species (with strings, with elastic bands and volume);

«Feyssef» ( «Facesafe») - six-layer medical masks, cotton, two types (with rubber bands and strings) reusable.

Gauze bandages and masks "FLYUOFF" and "Feyssef» always available:
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