If blown neck

If blown neck
Very often local hypothermia (exposure to draft, finding a number with a fan or air conditioning under) can cause quite severe and prolonged pain in the neck and shoulder girdle.

most often subject to local overcooling people for a long time in conducting forced static posture: drivers, office workers.

Due to the lack of physical activity in people with sedentary work often spastic muscles.When cooling to increased muscle tone, and there are specific trigger points.

What happens in the draft

With long-term exposure to air of low temperature in the cooling zone occurs reflex spasm of the muscle tissue and blood vessels in the area.This reduces the delivery of oxygen to it, there is a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) in the blood ejected special substances - mediators of inflammation, they induce activation of pain receptors.

very painful and denser in structure On palpation of trigger points.If spastic muscles compress the nerve-vascular bundle, the patient may experience a small but painful soft tissue s

welling, redness, feeling of stiffness and limitation of motion and pain along the nerve is squeezed.

Therefore, as soon as the man felt that he was in a draft, you must immediately take action to prevent occurrence of muscle spasm:

  • stop exposure (Close the window, turn off the air-conditioning);
  • warm and gently rub the area, massaged it, restoring blood circulation;
  • do some exercises that promote relaxation of the muscle groups.

Removing pain

muscle trigger points can be stored for a long time and even with little physical exertion, colds, hyperextension of the muscles, as well as stressful situations occur in patients with severe pain attacks.However, many patients find that the pain occurred after supercooling gradually take place itself, you just need to endure or take a pill pain medication.

But this is the wrong approach, because if you do not take action, the pathological process in the muscles becomes chronic, with and in the muscles, and their shells begin to develop fibrosis (hardening of myofascial structures), the fibers themselves and gradually begin to atrophy.

treatment plan

  • Firstly, it is necessary to eliminate the spasm to relax the muscle.To do this, you must first warm up the tissue by using ointments and gels with a warming effect, hot moist packs or warm compresses.Effectively massaging analgesic and anti-inflammatory ointment, followed by the creation of physical rest for the affected muscles.
  • When the pain subside, doctors recommend to do a special set of exercises designed to alternately relaxation and muscle tension, normalization of their tone.In this case, effective physiotherapy, reflexology, as well as physical therapy and massage sessions, osteopathic therapy.In cases where there are no contraindications, a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects has apiotherapy.
  • If pain persists for two or three days, you should consult a neurologist for further examination and treatment.

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