The secret of the Hollywood smile

Konstantin Ronkin
Make a dazzling smile and feel - beautiful today most effectively helps neuromuscular dentistry.Indeed, many health problems - exhausting headaches, pain in the muscles of the neck, spinal curvature, bruxism - can be connected with malocclusion.

about the benefits of this rapidly developing branch says the president of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry Konstantin Ronkin.

- Your clinic in Moscow was the first to use the principles of neuromuscular dentistry.Why this area is so popular today?

- Unlike conventional dentistry, where so much is done by eye, using neuromuscular dentistry objective survey results.Its principles were formulated in the 50s in the United States.But the real heyday of this area has received in recent years thanks to the development of computer technology and understanding of doctors: conventional approaches used in dentistry for many years, were not sufficiently effective.

number of doctors using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry in America is increasing b

y the day.They appeared in Russia.A few years ago there was not one - today there are several hundred.In my opinion, this is quite a big number.Although

from clinics in this case requires some equipment, this type of dental care is becoming more affordable for doctors and patients.

- What are its principles?

- Its main principle - to return to the upper and lower jaw in an anatomically correct position relative to each other.And only then to carry out follow-up treatment.

Did you know that according to statistics, 80% of children today suffer from the bite pathology.In normal occlusion the upper jaw has an arc shape.If you change the bite she narrowed, it becomes V-shaped or horseshoe-shaped.This narrowed upper jaw "pushes" the lower back.And since the lower jaw is connected to the temporomandibular joint and its correct position, firstly, it leads to joint dysfunction, and secondly, there is muscle imbalance.

More recently, it became clear that the back (distal) position of the mandible is automatically accompanied by a rotation, or by rotating the first and second cervical vertebrae.

- This causes the deterioration of health?

- Of course!As long as a person is young, he did not feel it.The body has the ability to these violations to compensate.But with age, its compensatory potential decrease.Due to the rotation of the cervical vertebrae may develop low back pain, which is now perceived by us for granted.

dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can lead to chronic headaches, dizziness, numbness of fingers, tinnitus, pain in the joints and neck, muscle tension, and so on.Today revealed more than 50 different symptoms and signs.

- But it also offers traditional dentistry to correct abnormal occlusion, occlusion and TMJ disorders ...

- She often does this by trial and error, or only uses x-rays.In addition, the traditional treatment of occlusion is primarily aimed at the alignment of teeth with braces.Meanwhile, the teeth are the last link in the chain of tissues and organs suffering from a malocclusion.

neuromuscular dentistry crucial difference lies in the fact that it focuses on the physiological state of the muscles.That they are the most sensitive to the correct position of the jaws.

Here is a simple example.If you pull the arm forward and try to keep it in this state as long as possible, in a few minutes it will bring pain.Now imagine that in the same uncomfortable position is the lower jaw.This means that some muscle to keep it, constantly working and not resting.Because of this, there is hypertonicity and spasm.So, neuromuscular dentistry, exploring the work of the muscles, found their correct position, in which the muscles are in comfort.

- What kind of research?

- These include electromyography (computer diagnostics of muscle tone), computer scanning movement of the mandible, sonography (listening to the noise in the joint).

However, the most important method is considered electroneurostimulation muscles.With it achieved two things.Firstly, the muscles relax.Secondly, the so-called erased engram - muscle memory.Agree, when we climb the stairs to normal, we do not need to fix attention on the step height.Muscles, measure it automatically.But it is necessary to change the height, we will begin to stumble, just feel it.

So, the jaw muscles also remember that you need to keep it in the wrong position.If this memory is "delete" and relax the muscles, it is returned to the physiologically predetermined length by which the lower jaw falls into place.Our next job is to fix it.

- How?

- To do this, we use a special device - ortotik.The dictionary is the name of the device, which relates part of the body in the correct position.It is a small plate, a mouthguard, is temporarily fixed on the lower jaw.The patient wears it from four months to a year, we periodically to undermine her.After all, as the wear plates muscles more relaxed and recovered, and the position of the lower jaw is slightly different.

- This device is user-friendly?

- The plate is very small, almost imperceptible.Of course, like any foreign body, the first time it may cause a little discomfort.But then the patient to it very quickly gets used.

Besides, believe me, when you eliminate the problems that plagued many years, the issue of "comfort" or "uncomfortable" is not a big deal.We were often come people suffering exhausting headaches, pains in the joints and neck ... And most of them almost immediately receives a positive result.

Why do I say "most"?Because if the same rotation of the vertebrae there for many years, it can cause more serious problems with the spine.In this case, we are very helpful osteopaths - they are connected, and we treat the human complex.

- When the correct position of the jaw is reached, you are engaged in the restoration and tooth restoration.The treatment effect on the aesthetic result?

- Sure!We all know from childhood - form and function are interrelated.Normal form is not without normal function and vice versa.The shape of the teeth, smile beauty obtained simply dazzling.This is facilitated by the fact that in our clinic uses all the best modern methods of rehabilitation and restoration of teeth - implants, crowns, veneers, etc.

It is very important that in this case made the aesthetic result is stored for many years.After all, if the teeth are in the wrong position, they, crowns, veneers, such as the items in the ill-fitting mechanism, wear out very quickly.

Still, the main thing for me in neuromuscular dentistry is that it has a positive effect on the health of the whole organism.

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