The rules of establishing death and termination of resuscitation

Russian government has officially set the rules for determining the moment of a person's death, termination of resuscitation protocol and forms of establishing a person's death.

corresponding document was published on September 25 in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

According to the Resolution, the moment of a person's death is the moment of the death of his brain or his biological death (irreversible loss of life).

human brain death diagnosis is established a council of doctors in a medical institution in which the patient.As part of the consultation should be anesthesiologist and neurologist with no less than five years' experience in the intensive care unit.The structure of the consultation can not include professionals involved in the removal and transplantation of organs and / or tissues.

Biological death, according to the document, is set based on the presence of early and / or late cadaveric changes.

The observation of human biological death carried a doctor or a paramedic and is made in the form of

a protocol to establish a person's death in the form approved by the RF Government on September 20, 2012 N 950.

document also defines the procedure for termination of resuscitation.

Resuscitation recognized as absolutely hopeless in the case of ascertaining the death of a person on the basis of brain death;after failure of resuscitation to restore vital functions, for 30 minutes;in the absence of a newborn heartbeat after 10 minutes since the beginning of resuscitation in full (mechanical ventilation, chest compressions, administration of drugs).

Also, according to the document, the resuscitative measures are not carried out in the presence of signs of biological death and the occurrence of clinical death on the background of progression reliably established incurable incurable diseases or the effects of acute injuries incompatible with life.

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