The right light : how to choose the right bulb for your desktop

When selecting bulbs should be guided not only by its design.working area lighting system shall comply with the requirements of Ophthalmology.

What would be the purpose of any established indoor lighting system in the first place it is recommended to explore the future purchase for its effects on eyesight.After

insufficient or improper lighting has a significant load on the eye, which leads to increased fatigue, decreased performance, can provoke a variety of ophthalmic diseases and eventually cause a decrease in vision.

Exterior lamps

According to experts, the most favorable to the eye diffused light.To avoid hitting the eye bright rays, you should choose a lamp power less than 60 W and with a shade that has a conical shape, reflects the light.

lampshade material is also important.Metal lamp becomes extremely hot and the ceiling made of plastic under the influence of high temperatures may produce toxins or even melt.The best solution would be the shade of frosted glass.

bright coloring of the

ceiling will lead to eyestrain and will detract from the work that is preferable to select the greens, as this color physiologically optimal and helps to relax the eye muscles.

The advantages of lamps, helping to reduce the risk to the eye include power adjustable lighting and a flexible stem that allows to change the angle.

light color safest for the vision is natural light, and the choice of the lamp should strive to ensure that the range of its approaching to the solar light.

warm yellow light bulb has a positive effect on the human biorhythm and creates a feeling of comfort and peace.Lamps with the appropriate range in the bedroom, children's room, on your desktop.

cold bluish light invigorates and promotes efficiency, but it is tiring for the eyes.Lamps with light is better suited for the kitchen or office space.

Types of light sources

most common and cheap today - the lamp filament.Under the influence of an electric current tungsten spiral in them is heated to a high temperature and emits a soft warm light.The disadvantages of such lamps include their fragility and high energy consumption.

Fluorescent lamps emit light by ultraviolet discharge on the phosphor.These lamps operate with high efficiency, but may produce unpleasant sounds while working, flicker and emit cold white light.

Modern fluorescent lamps have a compact size due to the curved bulb and integrated choke.Often, these energy-saving lamps are called, that is not quite true.Energy-saving lamps can be based on other physical principles or be LED.

Their main advantage - low power consumption, a variety of decorative shapes and colors, no spirals plugs.But if direct light from these lamps falls directly in the eye, especially in a dark room, it causes damage to your eyes.This is due to the fact that UV radiation from the lamps such sufficiently strong and at the free penetration of the eye may damage the retina.

Halogen is close in structure to an incandescent bulb, but due to the addition of the buffer gas in the flask is much longer and has a natural light spectrum.

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