Probiotics do not help with eczema

For a long time it was thought that children's eczema respond well to treatment with probiotics.However, recent research findings have proved that they not only do not help, and may even harm the child's health.

Eczema - acute or chronic Noninfective relapsing inflammatory disease of the skin, manifested by rash, burning sensation, itching and redness.This is a fairly common disease, which affects about 20% of the population.He especially susceptible children.Eczema is not contagious, but gives a lot of inconvenience ill.Scientists believe that eczema - this is a reaction of the immune system to allergens.Many experts in this disease prescribed corticosteroids and recommend constantly humidify the air in the sickroom.It is also widely used antihistamines.

However, at the moment a particular treatment regimen for eczema does not exist.Previously, it was observed that sometimes facilitate probiotic supplements condition of patients.Probiotics - bacteria pathogenic to humans, contributing to the restorat

ion of the normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and purify it from harmful microorganisms.They are found in many foods, such as yogurt, unpasteurized milk, yeast, as well as baby food.

Parents usually well are probiotics, as they are natural and do not cause harm to the body.In addition, they help with diarrhea and bloating that often occur after taking antibiotics.Nevertheless, not previously shown any positive results of such treatment.

Probiotics and eczema

For five years, scientists have studied the effects of probiotics on the human body.The study involved children with eczema aged 1 month to 13 years.In 46 cases, the perpetrators were different probiotics intestinal infections and tissue injuries.Severe exacerbations occurred in patients who had a diagnosis of "pancreatitis" was set apart from eczema.

Thus, the consumption of probiotics is not as safe for the digestive tract, as previously thought.Scientists believe that they should consume in moderation and only for healthy people.

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