Overactive bladder : what to do

Overactive bladder : what to do
17% of women and 16% of men are diagnosed with "overactive bladder."11 simple rules can significantly improve the lives of people with this disorder.

How to reduce the impact of diseases such as overactive bladder, on the patient's life?

hyperactive bladder and dehydration

Patients often limit the amount of fluids you drink in the hope that it will help.However, the effect may be the opposite, because it is often the amount of fluid you drink does not affect the need to urinate.

the contrary, the more concentrated the urine is, the more it will irritate the bladder and the more likely there will be a desire to visit the toilet.So it is better to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Time control

Plan time liquid consumption.For example, if the afternoon is planned for a long meeting, you should not drink after 11am, and a few minutes before the meeting will be useful to visit the washroom.Remember


toilets to avoid an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to know the locatio

n of toilets beforehand.

do not hesitate to go

should not be tolerated.At the first urge to apologize and withdraw.At various conferences and meetings is better to choose an excellent location close to the door.

know the basic "provocateurs┬╗

The syndrome overactive bladder have to refrain from eating food and drinks that can trigger the urge to urinate.It is products like strong tea, coffee, orange or other citrus juice, chocolate and spicy foods.

Another irritant is the cold weather.It is worth remembering this menu to schedule and taking into account the impact of these factors.

Making travel plans

If possible, you need to register on the flight or book train tickets in advance to choose a place in the passage or close to the toilet.

do not hesitate to ask for help

For example, before the trip to talk with the flight attendant about when it will be possible to unfasten the seat belt before all go to the toilet.

superiors Help

The syndrome overactive bladder, if necessary, may be asked to move the workplace closer to the toilet.The physician may issue a certificate confirming this need.

hyperactive bladder and Kegel exercises

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps to maintain them in a constant tone and reduce the number of attacks.

Uppazhneniya Kegel tpeh consist of parts:

  • slow compression (nappyach muscles as when you stop urinating, slowly count to tpeh, relax);
  • sokpascheniya (nappyach and passlabit muscles as much as possible quickly to);
  • ejection (women need tighter down as chair or DURING podah, but much weaker; men need tighter as DURING urinary excretion or chair).

do not hesitate to use protective equipment

If the day promises to be a hectic and nervous, do not be embarrassed to wear special protective underwear.This will give confidence, and you will be able to control the situation.

support and help in overactive bladder syndrome

The syndrome overactive bladder do not worry the problem alone.Close people can help come up with different solutions.You should also consult your doctor for the selection of appropriate drug therapy.

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