Stomatitis : when there are sores in the mouth

What you need to know about the causes and treatment of stomatitis.

Stomatitis - an inflammation of the oral mucosa, sometimes with the formation of painful ulcers - the AFL on the gums, palate, lips, tongue.Disease may be mild (one small aphtha) and heavy (multiple lesions oral) form.

Characteristic symptoms

  • local pain when receiving acidic, hot, and sometimes even any food.
  • When considering the oral visible yellow, surrounded by a halo of red bloodshot, sprue, however, not all types of stomatitis characterized by the formation of the AFL.
  • coated tongue.
  • Bad breath.
  • general malaise, headache, and sometimes an increase in temperature.

Causes Global

cause of inflammation is a weak local immunity of the oral cavity, so that any damage to the mucous membrane, as well as infections, abrasions on dental prostheses, etc.lead to the formation of inflammatory lesions.You scratched the sky candy, tongue burned with hot tea, ate badly washed fruit, experienced a lot of stress, have suffered any

allergic reaction - all of which can lead to stomatitis.Also, the disease can be caused by common pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, immune, hematopoietic, or the endocrine system, hypovitaminosis, genus Candida fungus.

details about the kinds of stomatitis

Catarrhal stomatitis - the most mild form of the disease.When it is not formed

aphthae and moderately inflamed the entire oral cavity.Mouth dry, mucous slightly swollen and bloodshot.Language and gums may bleed.The disease is most often caused by inadequate oral hygiene and local trauma tongue and gums due to dental calculus, sharp tooth edges, etc.

aphthous stomatitis -. Often is a chronic disease characterized by the formation of ulcers.Any decrease in immunity (flu, SARS, stress) it always comes back and does not go untreated for a long time.

Herpetic stomatitis - the hardest and most painful form of stomatitis.Called by the herpes virus, it is characterized by large ulcers, vesicular rash, inflammation of the gums, high temperature.Especially distressing to young children.Most often, the system becomes a lifelong disease, as well as "cold sores on the lips."

Treatment Therapy depends on the type of stomatitis, the degree of its severity, the patient's general condition.Appointed antiseptic rinse, spot treatment of AFL and inflamed areas of the oral cavity with antiseptic gels and solutions.Important gentle power semi-food, not traumatic painful inflamed area of ​​the oral cavity.Also prescribed medicines course, strengthens the immune system.If the doctor suspects that the cause of recurrent stomatitis in some somatic diseases, the patient is recommended to be screened for their presence because it is without cure the underlying disease can not be achieved and cure stomatitis.

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