Stroke and children

Cases of acute stroke in children have some essential features.

Stroke is a life-threatening acute ischemic stroke that lasts more than 24 hours.
appeal to the hospital after the onset of stroke symptoms in adults occurs on average 12-24 hours.For children, this time is from 48 to 72 hours.

This difference is partly due to the widely held view of the treatment time that the stroke never happens in children.Croup, rubella, chicken pox - all these diseases we associate with children's disease, but not stroke.

However, children do suffer from a stroke.And, despite the fact that the percentage incidence of childhood small children, this pathology is of particular importance.

Stroke in children - a rarity

stroke cases in children under the age of 15 years met annually with a rate of about six cases per 100 thousand children..And, although the growth of these indicators over the last time is not observed, stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders are among the top ten common causes of infant mortalit

y in the US.

cause of stroke in childhood

By a stroke in adults often have to do with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, alcohol and obesity.

In contrast, the causes of childhood strokes are most often associated with the presence of birth defects, infections (meningitis and encephalitis), injuries, diseases of the blood.

consequences of stroke

People who have had a stroke in childhood or adulthood, the consequences of this disease can vary.

As a result, damage to the brain cells of children with stroke, as well as adults, are characterized by problems with speech and communication, paralysis or weakness of one side of the body.

However, at an early age may have been some specific effects: cerebral palsy, mental retardation, epilepsy.

Other complications of stroke in children include fever, altered mental status, malnutrition and complications of prolonged bed rest.

Newborns and stroke

probability of stroke is increased in violation of cerebral circulation of the child during or immediately after birth.This is especially true for preterm infants.

In newborn children who had cerebral blood flow in utero or in the first months of life, it can lead to the development of cerebral palsy.

for proper growth and formation of the brain during the prenatal period, the fetus needs a sufficient supply of oxygenated blood.

In the case of ischemic attacks and stroke, and blood oxygen cease to act in some areas of the brain.This causes damage to nerve cells and may lead to cerebral palsy.

kids better restored

Although damage from stroke in children can be significant resilience in children is higher than in adults.This is due to the greater plasticity of the nervous system.

head child's brain is still in development, so it has more opportunities for recovery.The majority of patients who survived a stroke in childhood, with the help of timely treatment and rehabilitation can achieve restoration of limb mobility, mastery of the language.

quick action to improve the result

most effective treatment for stroke can be achieved within the first three hours after the onset of symptoms.By recognizing the symptoms and taking quick action, any person may thus help prevent further damage to the professionals of the child brain.

Violations of cerebral circulation in children can manifest the same symptoms as adults.Often the first complaint becomes intense headache, disturbances of eye movement, speech difficulties observed, immobility.

When the child has such symptoms can independently carry out a few simple tests.First, ask your child to smile and pay attention to the symmetry of the smile, if there is immobility of one half of the face.

next step is to ask the child to raise both hands and pay attention, whether in one of the arms so weak that a child can not pick it up or keep it.

necessary to ask the child to repeat a simple sentence.Can he repeat it correctly?Do zvukoproiznoshenija disrupted?

If the child has any of the above symptoms, you should like to see a doctor as soon as possible.From early treatment depends on the preservation of the child's brain cells and sometimes saving his life.

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