The deterioration of memory with age might be a stereotype

study published in Psychological Science, reveals the influence of age-related stereotypes on memory impairment in the elderly.

fact that with age, memory is getting worse, is well-known, so much so that the prevailing negative stereotypes sometimes have a real impact on memory in the elderly.

To confirm the influence of stereotypes, scientists conducted an experiment: a group of elderly and young people submitted a list of semantically related words.

list were words associated with the word "sleep": bed rest, awakening, fatigue, night.However, the word "sleep" in did not have a list.

Nevertheless, most participants in the experiment, regardless of age, have argued that this word was present in the list.However, older people called the word, which was not more likely than younger ones.

memory should fade with age

Scientists from Tufts University (USA) have suggested that the impact on the results of the experiment could have age stereotypes.

Perhaps older people showed the worst results, becau

se of the prevailing stereotypes are convinced that with age, the memory certainly deteriorated.To test this theory, researchers conducted the following experiment.

One group of participants consisting of the young and the elderly, have announced that the test is performed to check the memory and that older people always pass it worse than the young.

second group, also made up of people of different ages, reported that the test is more related to linguistics, was not mentioned on the memory test.

As a result, older people, who thought that will cope with the task better than the young, much less demonstrated false memories than those whose attention sharpened on generational differences.

False stereotypes lead to false memories

study showed that not in all cases the actual deterioration of memory with age.However, the conviction of older people, their memory is probably worse than the young, it leads to the fact that in reality it turns out to be worse.

Nevertheless, this test demonstrates that the problem of the deterioration of memory with age is not so much physiological as psychological.

In the absence of a false stereotype that memory in old age can not be good, the elderly may demonstrate excellent memory for much longer.

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