What coccygodynia

coccygodynia - a syndrome in which there is pain in the coccyx of varying intensity and character.

Pain in coccygodynia may radiate to the anus, the sacrum, buttocks and genitals.The intensity of pain can be quite high and prevents a person live and work normally.

Types coccygodynia

Because of isolated pevichny and secondary pain syndromes.Primary coccygodynia (source of the pain is the coccyx) is usually traumatic in nature when observed injury (dislocation) of the coccyx and the subsequent degenerative changes in the sacrococcygeal junction:

  • after the fall;
  • after a difficult birth;
  • due to excessive mechanical action on the tailbone.

In secondary coccygodynia (psevdokoktsigodinii) source of pain are affected pelvic organs.Therefore, the cause of the syndrome can be:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal fissure;
  • proctitis;
  • sigmoid;
  • disease urinary organs;
  • psycho-emotional stress.

pain when coccygodynia can be permanent and not dependent on external factors.Sometimes the pain is amplified in certain

positions of the body (usually sitting), with a change in body position, the act of defecation or after.

Diagnosis The diagnosis is made after:

  • collect anamnesis;
  • examination of the patient, including a rectal examination and palpation of the exterior, a dynamic study in different positions (sitting, lying down);
  • instrumental diagnostic methods (X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging).

sometimes conducted a test with an injection of the anesthetic in the sacrococcygeal joint.

Treatment Treatment depends on the cause of the pain.In the case of diseases of the pelvic organs of the patient is sent for further observation to a specialist - a urologist, gynecologist, proctologist.In primary coccygodynia use non-drug and medical techniques and surgical intervention.

Drug-free methods include the following types of therapy: rectal massage, using pillows, physical therapy, exercise therapy, manual therapy, osteopathic techniques.They all aim to reduce mechanical irritation okolokopchikovyh structures.

Drug treatment is aimed at reducing the inflammatory degenerative process in bone and ligamentous structures (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), normalization of defecation (laxatives), relieve pain by topical anesthetic (blockade), removing the spastic sokrascheniyae pelvic floor muscles (muscle relaxants), reduce emotional stress in case of psychogenic component in the development of pain (antidepressants, tranquilizers).

Surgical treatment is indicated for primary coccygodynia when exhausted the potentials of other forms of therapy.

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